2018 Top 8 Fall Favorites

Friday, October 12, 2018

Back in early September, as I was rambling on and on about something Fall related, Texan commented about how I was so ready for Fall. The comment took me by surprise. Not because I don’t enjoy decorating and getting ready for the upcoming holiday season, but because Fall and Winter are my least favorite seasons.  

That’s a little harsh I suppose, but as the days get shorter it does something to my mind. I could swear to you that the sun never peaks out from behind the endless layer of grey clouds in the winter. The weather gets fairly cold and I basically never want to leave my house. Kinda gloomy for somebody who was ready for Fall in early September, right?! 

So, to combat those unavoidable seasonal changes (minus the whole sun thing – I'm sure I’ve seen the sun in the winter) I purposely spice up the colder months to make myself happy. Our house is filled with fun seasonal decorations, laughter from friends as we host many holiday parties and all kinds of fun bucket list day dates! 

Today I actually wanted to share my Fall favorites with y'allThey are in no particular order, just what came to mind as being a “can’t live without” fall favorite. Hope y’all enjoy! 

1. Fall in Love Vermont Maple Coffee 
I found this at Marshalls and I’m so glad I did. I will totally get into the Pumpkin Spice thing every once in a while, but stores have made it a little over-rated. This Vermont Maple coffee is perfect if you want to take a break from Pumpkin everything but still enjoy a Fall flavor! 

2. Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer 
So, I couldn’t get away from Pumpkin Spice completely! I caved and bought this creamer when I was shopping for my work coffee creamer. It’s actually pretty good. I have to remind myself to slow down and sip the coffee to enjoy the flavor and not just drink it for the caffeine. 

3. Apple Pie/Apple Cider 
Texan loves my apple pie (as do I) so when we saw local apples at the roadside Farmers Market the other weekend, we picked up a few apples to make a pie. I don’t actually make my own cider but I love to drink it this time of year. I’m pretty much love anything apple when they start coming into season! 

5. Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette 
So far this season, I’ve been loving the Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette in Fever (it’s been called a dupe for the Naked Heat palette). It has beautiful warm tones that are super blendable. I basically can’t get enough of it! 

6Taupe-less Beach 
I have been rocking OPI Taupe-less Beach. Gorgeous grey that has been perfect for our fairly warm Fall season! 

7Fall Scented Everything! 
Even though I know all of the bad “stuff” that can be in the Bath and Body Works candles, I just can’t seem to stay away. Autumn has been my current favorite candle. In an effort to move to healthier candles, I’ve been trying to reach for Yankee Candles Harvest Wreath and Autumn Leaves.  

8Yankee Candle Accessories 
Last year a good friend at work was selling things from Yankee Candle for her daughter’s fundraiser so I purchased a few candle holders for Fall. They didn’t come in until mid-December so I couldn’t decorate with them last year but I love how they look sitting out on my end tables this year! 

What has been your Fall favorites this year? Is anything a repeat favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

Fall Diffuser Blends

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We are still waiting for Fall to arrive here in Virginia. A few of the trees are starting to turn but it is definitely not sweater weather yet. I’m still trying to get in the Fall mood and nothing quite says Fall like cute pumpkin decorations and a wonderful smelling candle burning! 

I’m not sure what it is about Fall that makes me want to have the house smelling like crisp air, pumpkin spice, crunchy leaves and autumn woods. The more I smell the scents of Fall, the more I feel like the season is actually upon us (even if the weather doesn’t agree). So, I’m slowly decorating the house and pulling out my fun Fall scented candles. 

I would absolutely love to have 6 different scented candles burning throughout the house but I'm way too forgetful to have an open flame in every room. Instead I’m going with the next best thing and diffusing some wonderful fall scented essential oils in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Lucky for me, diffusers have an auto-off feature when the water gets too low! No need to worry about catching the towels or bedding on fire. 

These 4 Fall Diffuser blends are perfect for any room in your home. I have been using them in the rooms where I don’t feel comfortable burning candles, i.e. our bedroom, the office and bathrooms. I like to have the diffuser going so I can feel comfortable moving in and out of the room and not having to keep an eye on an open flame.  

I have quite a few favorite diffuser combinations but one of my all-time Fall favorites to diffuse in the bedroom is Autumn Wellness. This combination uses Thieves and Orange essential oils. As the name suggests, thieves essential oil is used in this combo because it is wonderful for supporting the body’s natural immune response and promoting wellness. It makes me feel good to know that I’m diffusing something that smells good and promotes wellness. 

 When I want something a little different for the bedroom, I will diffuse Crisp Fall Morning. Sometimes I need a little change in my life, ya know?! Crisp Fall Morning is very similar to Autumn Wellness but with peppermint essential oil added. This thieves/orange/peppermint combo, is perfect for diffusing in the morning while I’m getting ready. It’s something about the smell of the orange/peppermint combo that boost my mood and energy and seem to start my day on the right foot. 

 It might be surprising, but I don’t actually use Thieves essential oil in every room of my house (though that is a good idea!). In my office, I love diffusing a more “woody” scent of Fall Woods. As a combination of jade lemon, eucalyptus globulus, Idaho balsam fir and wintergreen this scent combination stimulates my mind and helps me stay focused on the task at hand.   

Right now, I’m diffusing Crunchy Leaves in the guest bathroom. This combination of pine, cedarwood and frankincense is quite the fall blend. These three essential oils are elevating, uplifting and perfect for lifting your mood.  I know after hearing the benefits, this blend is probably not what you expected for the guest bathroom, but I love walking in there and smelling “leaves”.  

Which of these blends would be your favorite? Where would you diffuse these blends in your house? Leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite fall essential oils are!

5 Tips on Making your Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Friday, October 5, 2018

*This is a sponsored post * 

Lately Texan and I have been dreaming of all the home-improvement projects we want to complete for our house. Thanks for all the inspiration Fixer Upper! We renovated our kitchen a few years ago so now that it’s (mostly) complete, we decided that sometime in the near future our master bath is next up on the list of rooms to get a facelift. Our small, 45 square-foot master bath feels so small and cluttered, I can’t wait to give it a makeover! Being filled with dark grey and hard-wood does nothing to help make it feel bigger or have a relaxing atmosphere. You can be sure that those are a few of the things I would love to change about our master bath! 

 Image: Premier Surfaces

Since Texan and I have been living together, I have dreamed of having a huge master that can accommodate a double vanity and a water closet for my toilet. Our bathroom is so tiny, I know it’s never going to happen in the floorplan we have now. So, to avoid spending thousands in a huge addition, I’ve been on the hunt for all things bathroom reno to make our master feel larger. In my search, I’ve come across a few tips to help our master feel a little more open that I want to share with y’all today. 

1. Use lighter materials 
When choosing colors and materials for a small bathroom, stick with light airy colors. Whites and cool tones such as powder blue or light greys can help to make the small space look bright which in turn makes it feel bigger. Look into lighter floor and shower backsplash tiles. Match the lighter tiles with a bright, clean vanity countertop and even lighter colored cabinetry! Finish off the bathroom with a light-colored paint for the walls. A nice light grey wall color is my personal favorite.    

2. Don’t be afraid to use contrast and texture 
You may be trying to lighten and brighten your bathroom, but you don’t want to make it feel sterile! Don’t be afraid to add some contrast and texture into the space. If you’ve chosen a white tile for the shower backsplash, pair it with a natural or darker grey grout. Grab a white shower curtain with ruffles or layered texture to give the bathroom a nice statement piece that also brings a relaxing atmosphere. 

3. Plenty of light 
Small rooms can feel so much smaller without adequate lighting. In addition to the vanity light, consider adding additional light fixtures. Depending on your budget, you can go with a budget friendly functional light or have fun with an interesting eye-catching light fixture like a chandelier. Either way, with the goal of making the bathroom feel larger and more inviting, you can’t go wrong with plenty of light! 

4. Choosing your vanity 
Vanities can come in so many shapes, sizes and colors, it can be hard to know what to go with. When looking for the size and shape of your vanity, take in consideration how much room it will take up. Try to find the perfect balance of plenty of under sink storage and a small footprint so your eye isn’t visually drawn to the large cabinet in the room. Keep in mind you will want room to store items you don’t want left out on the countertop. 

Image: Premier Surfaces

You will want to stick with a light-colored countertop to keep the room feeling open and airy. Under mount sinks are stunning with clean lines and an elegant feel. While they are very popular right now, don’t be afraid to let your sink stand out. A raised vessel sink can give the illusion that the vanity is larger than it actually is.  

If you are unsure of where to start when looking for countertops, try checking out Premier Surfaces Richmond VA. They are located in the Richmond, VA area as well as a few other locations on the East Coast and Midwest. Within the last year they merged with four of the leading countertop fabricators to give their clients a wider variety of quality products.  

5. Big Mirrors 
In smaller bathrooms, having a large mirror can give the illusion that the room is much larger than it actually is. Use a large framed vanity mirror to match the style and help create the environment you want in your bathroom. If a framed mirror doesn’t fit the style you’re going for, try a wall-to-wall mirror. The wall covering mirror will make a dramatic and bold statement that also makes the bathroom feel grander. 

I can’t wait to use these 5 tips when we start updating our master bath. I hope they can help if you’re planning a bath reno too! Leave a comment below sharing how you plan to update your bath!