Reading Suggestions Needed!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Have y'all ever been in the mood to read a book but you don't know what to read? That's pretty much where I am at right now. I want to have something to keep my mind engaged and active, but when I look at the books I have in my "To Read' list on GoodReads, I get very overwhelmed. So, I'm turning to some of my best reading resources... y'all. 

What books have y'all read recently that you loved?  

I have been wanting to go to the library and check out their self-improvement sections. I would love to find ways to be more productive, better at my job, just a better person. So, I might stop by the library this afternoon on the way home from work and see what they have to offer. I don't have anything in particular I want to work on except myself. I've always been a firm believer than you should never stop learning and recently I've been craving the chance to learn! Maybe I'll try to work on productivity first?! That might help with giving this little bloggy home of mine a step in the right direction. 

So that's basically it folks. It's a short one today but I'm hoping y'all can come up with some amazing reading suggestions! 

Have y'all read any self-help books you thought really helped you?

Surviving Like Jericho

Friday, February 9, 2018

Four years ago, I came to the realization that if an emergency situation were to strike my family or myself, I would not be prepared. Luckily, I have not had to face any true emergencies since then; however, the TV series Jericho really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could happen.

Over the course of four years I put a lot thought into getting prepared for various types of events but it took me at least three years (and somebody who believes in being prepared even more than me) before I decided to do more than keep a hoodie and pair of tennis shoes in my trunk. Originally, I considered said blanket, hoodie, pair of tennis shoes and some paper towels in my trunk as being prepared. While that was a limited but good start, it wouldn't have gotten me very far. And surprise, surprise... emergencies don't only happen when you are in your car.

Think about if an emergency occurred in your life, how would your family survive? Would you have enough water and food to survive for three weeks?

Through my research during the past few years, I've gained some practical knowledge on preparedness that I want to share with y'all. There is a wide range of being prepared and being prepared doesn't mean that the world is going to end. Events such as Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston, or the earthquakes effecting California would be examples of what I'm preparing for. In my life, we have seen huge ice storms that cut the power and left the roads impassable for over a week. 

How much you prepare for is a personal choice, but in all reality you never want to be without the things
you need.

I'm inviting y'all to come visit me on the second Friday of every month for my "Surviving Like Jericho" preparedness series. I plan to answer questions such as:

- How much water do you need to store?
- How much and what kinds of food to store?
- How do I prepare food without my kitchen?
- What if the power goes out? What kind of light is safe/the best to use?
- What do I do about personal hygiene during an emergency?

Are there any specific questions you have about getting prepared for emergency situations? Leave them in the comments below!

January Resolutions Update

Thursday, February 1, 2018

We're one month into the new year and I'm already slacking on my resolutions. I feel like Mr. Mayhem from the AllState commercials. I couldn't even last 2 weeks. But there is no fail only get back up and try again. So let's take a look at my 2018 resolutions and how they are going so far.

Weekly Resolutions

Blog 1x per week - Welp, since my last post was my December recap and my New Years vacation post on January 5th I'm guessing you can tell how this went. However here I am, post 2/52 and trying again. I have some ideas for upcoming post so I'm going to attempt a Friday post schedule (with maybe a few in between posts)

Vlog 1x per week - Basically see above. I was trying to get all the videos I took around the holidays up but I am not a very efficient video editor so it takes me way too long to try to record and edit daily vlogs. Props to those that vlog daily, you have way more time and skills than I do. I'm just going to attempt to vlog weekly again!

Clean out the fridge every Tuesday - While we haven't intentionally done this, we have been much better about eating leftovers so there hasn't been those mystery containers hanging out in the fridge. I've also gotten better about just tossing food that we know we will not eat at a later date which is a great help.

Monthly Resolutions

Lose 4 pounds per month - I did so well the first 2 weeks of January. I logged my food daily in My Fitness Pal and worked out 5 days a week. Monday of my 3rd week, I started to have some medical issues that caused me to fall completely off the wagon. I was in terrible pain for most of the 3rd week of January. I would come home from work and immediately lay down in the bed. (If you have known me for a while, you will know I hate to just lie around.) I didn't feel like getting up to cook so we mostly ate out the whole week. It was an all-around terrible week. But I'm back to cooking and working out now so even though I didn't lose 4 pounds in January, I plan to lose my 4 pounds for February.

Print photos from the Month for a photo album - I have not printed out my January pictures yet, but 
I want to. I also still need to find a photo album so I'm going to work on that this weekend!

Yearly Resolutions

I have a few yearly goals however both of them are financial goals. Finances, or more specifically money 
amounts, are things I don't like to talk about on the blog. But for my own purposes, I want to track my 
progress so I will say…

Yearly Financial Goal #1 - I am 0.3% of the way to my goal. Not where I should be but that's okay. I 
didn't really try very much to accomplish this goal during January.

Yearly Financial Goal #2 - I am 5.3% of the way to this goal. This is a goal that I can save some tax 
money to help with so I'm very excited to boost this percent in the coming months!

How have you been doing with your New Year Resolutions?     

Happy 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

We're 5 days into 2018, is anybody else having a hard time believing it's the new year already? 


December 2017 

The month of December was a tough one for me! Work was so busy I couldn't keep my head on straight. I also came down with a monster cold, which wasn't made any better by the fact that I really couldn't take time off from work because I was so busy. My cold actually got so bad it gave me an ear infection. While treating that with antibiotics, I came down with a yeast infection. (Antibiotics are no joke! - I also don't want to take them again anytime soon!) Also the Saturday before Christmas, as I was getting ready to meet up with some friends I stepped on a thorn in the bedroom carpet and got part of it stuck in my foot. It actually stayed in there until this week because I couldn't get it to come out. Luckily it has now been removed and my foot is feeling much better. 
Ringing in 2018 

Texan decided that we should take a New Year's vacation to ring in 2018, so we booked a trip down to Panama City Beach, Florida. Unfortunately we did not except the weather to be so cold all over the East Coast, so instead of getting the nice 60 - 70 degree weather we hoped for, we got barely 60 degrees and misty/dreary days for the most part, but we made the best of it. We spent the two sunny days walking on the beach, visiting the pier and drinking at Pineapple Willy's (if you are ever in Panama City Beach, I would recommend going there at sunset and sitting outside). We went to see the Beach Ball Drop at Pier Park. It was a really cool experience to be in a place where you could watch the ball drop live.  

Warning: Lot of photos to come.

 Goals for 2018 

I made a few resolutions for 2018. My first and main goal of this year is to lose 40 pounds and wear a size 6 by the end of the year. Weight loss is a typical resolution for me, but this year I really want to put the effort into making it happen. Texan's resolution was to work out 5 times a week so with both of us having health related goals, I'm hoping it will be extra motivation to actually achieve my weight loss goal this year.  

In addition to my weight loss goal, I want to clean out the fridge every Tuesday and print out photos I took each month to make a 2018 photo album. As for some online goals, I want to blog and vlog once per week, or at least have 52 posts on each platform by the end of the year.  

In general, I have high hopes for 2018. I want to use this year to take care of myself: physically, financially and mentally.  
What resolutions did you make for 2018? 

Weekend Adventures

Monday, November 13, 2017

For whatever reason, my words have pretty much escaped me. So I’m just going to keep it simple. This weekend was fairly busy.
Saturday morning was the Richmond Marathon. So I got up before the sun to go into Richmond to run the 8k! We got into the city, found a place to park, and made a mad dash for a warm hotel lobby bathroom and by the time we got out I had 20 minutes until my run started. The course itself wasn’t that bad. I ran with my water bottle and by the time I got to mile 3 I had taken a few too many sips of water. My tummy was all sloshy but I kept pushing on. I managed to finish in 1 hour and 3 minutes. My hope was to finish in 1 hour and my “I did pretty good” time was 1 hour and 5 minutes. So I’m glad I finished right in the middle.
My mom did pretty awesome with her half marathon though. She cut 10 minutes off of last years’ time. She ended up finishing in 2 hours and 24 minutes. I’m so proud of her, though she said she as so glad it was over.
I have been trying to spice up Texan and my relationship recently. It feels like we’ve fallen in the “old married couple rut”. I seriously hope we aren’t the only ones! Anyway, I wanted to take a day-date up to the mountains to pick some apples. Sunday morning Texan reluctantly agreed to the trip even though he had other plans. We ended up having a good time but we weren’t super impressed with the orchard we went to. This orchard had high reviews from all of my coworkers but it didn’t meet my expectations. I was a little bummed but I can now say I’ve had the experience of going apple picking.

The weekend went by so fast. Now I’m ready for the weekend and our next date-night!

How was y’alls weekend?