Our Caribbean Vacation and Big Surprise!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Well, here I am back again. I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon so many times I feel like I don’t deserve to call myself a blogger. But here I am today to share with you my long update on our Caribbean vacation. I have been dying to share pictures and stories from my cruise so I’m finally getting around to typing it up. 

We went on an 8 day cruise to Princess Cays, Grand Turk, Curacao and Aruba. We actually had 3 sea days during our cruise which was a nice way to actually get some relaxing in during our vacation. 

The first day we boarded the ship in Fort Lauderdale and the process was surprisingly a lot smoother than I expected. We basically walked right on the ship with no lines while we were on land. We did wait in a huge line to get a drink which probably was not a good idea on my part. Alcohol + No food = Bad Idea! Our first day was basically just exploring the ship but I still had a great time. 

The first stop was day 2 where we hit up Princess Cays on Eleuthera, Bahamas. They called it a “Private Island” but it was more like a resort on Eleuthera. We actually left the resort for a bike tour of the island. While we were on the bike tour we went to this secluded section of beach. The road just seemed to end right at this little beach which was kind of odd. But we got some cool pictures of us with the ship in the background.

Overall the island was okay but I think Texan and I expected more things to do. If you happen to go on a cruise to this stop, book the beach bungalows. They are super close to the beaches and you are able to lock up your stuff so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.  

My view from Princess Cays beach

The second stop on day 3 was in Grand Turk. We liked this island a bit more than we did Princess Cays. I was pretty excited to visit "Turks and Caicos". 

We went on a segway tour of parts of this island. Overall it was a smaller island that was still recovering from a huge hurricane that had hit a few years back. The beaches were beautiful though. However, riding a segway on the beach is just as difficult as it sounds. Texan actually fell in the sand. 

After our tour, we came back to the “resort” area where the ship docks at and went to the beach. We actually got to swim with fish that were hanging out right by the beach. It was really cool and Texan kept trying to get a selfie with the fish. 

I promise I am wearing a swimsuit!

The third day was a sea day while we cruised down towards Curacao. I wasn’t very excited to have sea days because overall while we were on the ship I didn’t think there was that much to do. The pools were super crowded and there were no chairs available by the pool. Eventually we got to put our stuff down where we could see it and actually ended up making friends with the couple that was sitting beside us. That evening we ended up going to a classic rock show which was amazing. 

Day 4 was an all day stop at Curacao. We got off the ship early in the morning and headed out for a bus tour. We weren’t super impressed with the bus tour, mostly because we had no interest in learning what American Celebrity bought which house and when they came to visit the island. We wanted to learn more of the history of the island itself. We did get to go to a cool private beach.  

After going to the beach we went back to the ship to change out of our wet swimsuits and go back out to walk around the shopping areas. We actually ended up walking a pretty good ways around Willemstad. There were a lot of really cool things to look at on the island.

Willemstad - Princess Emma Bridge

But by about 5 my feet were starting to hurt and I really wanted to get a sunset picture while we were in the Caribbean. So, we headed back towards the ship. We were crossing the Princess Emma bridge back towards the cruise ship when Texan told me I was walking to fast.  I thought it was a little odd but I slowed down and eventually he stopped on the middle of the bridge. We stepped over towards the side of the bridge and just looked out on the water. I wasn’t exactly sure why we were stopping but I crossed over to the other side of the bridge to take this picture: 

When I turned back around Texan was just staring at me. I was trying to take his picture but a lady was standing right in between us. She asked if I wanted her to take our picture. We said sure because our selfie skills aren’t that great. When I went to pose with Texan, I turned around and he was on one knee. He asked if I would marry him. Of course, I couldn’t get anything out so I just shook my head.  

All of the women that happened to be walking by came over to congratulate us and the sweet lady who offered to take our picture captured the whole moment. I was so shocked that Texan proposed on our cruise. I am so thankful we have this special moment captured in pictures for us to look back on forever. 

The whole rest of the evening I could barely take my eyes off my hand. I did manage to get a few beautiful sunset pictures. 

Our final island was Aruba on day 5. This was the island I was most excited to visit. When we arrived there early in the morning, we walked out on the deck to find that it was misting and there was the most beautiful rainbow I’d ever seen. 

Most of the day ended up being rainy but we made the best of it. We took a bus tour of Aruba and ended up going to the California Lighthouse, the Natural Bridge, and a rock formation. 

 California Lighthouse
 Aruba's Natural Bridge
 Near the Natural Bridge
Natural Rock formation

Our final stop of the bus tour was an hour at the beach but as soon as we arrived at the beach, it started pouring rain. We didn’t get to actually go on the beach at all. When we got back to the ship we dropped our stuff off and went back out to go shopping. I tried to pick something up from each island we visited. That something ended up being a postcard and a Christmas ornament. We decided that we were going to come back to Aruba for a vacation sometime. It definitely was our favorite island we visited on this cruise. 

This was my first cruise and what a way to remember it by. I got engaged and I visited 4 beautiful islands. I will definitely be going on a cruise again.  

Coming up in the next few weeks.... My top Items I should have brought on the ship with me. 

2018 Top 8 Fall Favorites

Friday, October 12, 2018

Back in early September, as I was rambling on and on about something Fall related, Texan commented about how I was so ready for Fall. The comment took me by surprise. Not because I don’t enjoy decorating and getting ready for the upcoming holiday season, but because Fall and Winter are my least favorite seasons.  

That’s a little harsh I suppose, but as the days get shorter it does something to my mind. I could swear to you that the sun never peaks out from behind the endless layer of grey clouds in the winter. The weather gets fairly cold and I basically never want to leave my house. Kinda gloomy for somebody who was ready for Fall in early September, right?! 

So, to combat those unavoidable seasonal changes (minus the whole sun thing – I'm sure I’ve seen the sun in the winter) I purposely spice up the colder months to make myself happy. Our house is filled with fun seasonal decorations, laughter from friends as we host many holiday parties and all kinds of fun bucket list day dates! 

Today I actually wanted to share my Fall favorites with y'allThey are in no particular order, just what came to mind as being a “can’t live without” fall favorite. Hope y’all enjoy! 

1. Fall in Love Vermont Maple Coffee 
I found this at Marshalls and I’m so glad I did. I will totally get into the Pumpkin Spice thing every once in a while, but stores have made it a little over-rated. This Vermont Maple coffee is perfect if you want to take a break from Pumpkin everything but still enjoy a Fall flavor! 

2. Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer 
So, I couldn’t get away from Pumpkin Spice completely! I caved and bought this creamer when I was shopping for my work coffee creamer. It’s actually pretty good. I have to remind myself to slow down and sip the coffee to enjoy the flavor and not just drink it for the caffeine. 

3. Apple Pie/Apple Cider 
Texan loves my apple pie (as do I) so when we saw local apples at the roadside Farmers Market the other weekend, we picked up a few apples to make a pie. I don’t actually make my own cider but I love to drink it this time of year. I’m pretty much love anything apple when they start coming into season! 

5. Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette 
So far this season, I’ve been loving the Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette in Fever (it’s been called a dupe for the Naked Heat palette). It has beautiful warm tones that are super blendable. I basically can’t get enough of it! 

6Taupe-less Beach 
I have been rocking OPI Taupe-less Beach. Gorgeous grey that has been perfect for our fairly warm Fall season! 

7Fall Scented Everything! 
Even though I know all of the bad “stuff” that can be in the Bath and Body Works candles, I just can’t seem to stay away. Autumn has been my current favorite candle. In an effort to move to healthier candles, I’ve been trying to reach for Yankee Candles Harvest Wreath and Autumn Leaves.  

8Yankee Candle Accessories 
Last year a good friend at work was selling things from Yankee Candle for her daughter’s fundraiser so I purchased a few candle holders for Fall. They didn’t come in until mid-December so I couldn’t decorate with them last year but I love how they look sitting out on my end tables this year! 

What has been your Fall favorites this year? Is anything a repeat favorite? Let me know in the comments below!