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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey y'all! I'm Ashley. I'm also not very good at introducing myself. I tend to list things and sound repetitive. So I'll try to give y'all a good introductory spiel about me.
I am a college graduate with Bachelors degrees in both Biology and Chemistry. Can you say geek?! Anyway currently unemployed. And kind of being a bum but wishing I was going to grad school in the fall. But I'm not, so I spend my days scrapbooking, working out, playing on the computer and texting the love of my life, J. I do look for jobs in there somewhere too, so I'm not being a total bum. I love anything that's bright. I'm one of those people that loves to walk around the bookstore and look at all the books. I have a ton of books I've bought, or that are on my kindle, that I've never read. My new kick is cook books. I love cooking. Plus I want to be good at it when J and I actually live together so he doesn't have to eat burnt food.

So this whole blog will mainly be about J and my relationship and our lives together. Although right now we are separated by distance, which is not a fun time. He's an Airman in South Carolina. He's from Alabama. He has the sweetest southern accent (because who can't fall in love with one of those) but he doesn't talk with it much unfortunately. The guys pick on him at work too much. He absolutely loves baseball, even has a broken nose to show his love of the sport. He is very passionate about everything he does. I guess that's why I love him so much.
I hope I have given y'all a good intro to me (and J). So I'll leave you with a picture...
And thanks for stopping by!


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