To the Beach!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Have you ever had plans that just fell through?! That's what I thought was going to happen this weekend. It's kinda disappointing, but sometimes better things happen instead.

My best friend, B and I had planned to come down to our family condo in Myrtle Beach, and then have J come up when he got off of work for the weekend. Well, B and I had an argument about me coming to pick her up, so she decided she just had too much stuff to do this weekend to go anyway. Which was no problem, I still came down to the beach. I'm pretty excited about it. I have my flip flop cake (left over from my birthday... but I did bring the uneaten one) to have a mini party tomorrow night with J. I haven't told him yet, but I would like to go dancing tomorrow night. I'm sure he won't mind. We wanted to do that anyway, but didn't want to leave B out.

Also, Sunday I think I would like to go on this cool Ferris wheel type of thing. It's called the Skywheel. I think it looks amazing. It's 187 feet tall and is almost on the beach. But your seat thing is called a gondola, and it looks to be a glass bubble you ride around it. Of course I'm going to bring my camera! The more I look into it, the more excited I get. PLUS!!!! They give military discounts. It makes me feel good when places support the military.

Alright, well I'm off to try a local dive called Big KT's BBQ. I hope it's good!


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