High Five

Monday, August 27, 2012

I am really not much of a reader but when a book catches my interest I usually read it very quickly. Janet Evanovich is one of those authors. Her Stephanie Plum series is one of the best book series I've read.

Book Synopsis from Google Books: Stephanie Plum has a whole lot of trouble on her doorsteps. Her Uncle Fred has disappeared and Grandma Mazur is convinced he's been abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, cousin Vinnie has asked her to bring in the vertically challenged Randy Briggs who's jumped bail. But instead of coming quietly, he has taken up residence in Stephanie's closet. The mysterious man called Bunchy is trailing Stephanie in the hope of tracking down Fred. And Benito Ramirez is back from jail, quoting Scripture and vowing to introduce Stephanie to God - face to face. Thankfully Joe Morelli, the irresistible cop, is still around to give her the odd sleepless night - through now he faces tough competition from the enigmatic Ranger.... 

My opinion: I loved this book. I find Stephanie hilarious. Her life is so interesting and full of twists and turns. She faces some of the most difficult challenges such as blowing up cars, break ins at her apartment, and a over-imaginative Grandmother. I would definitely recommend this book. Not only have I been reading the series, I have also gotten my Mom and best friend to read it!


  1. i LOVE every stephanie plum book! They keep getting better and better! I cant wait for the newest one to come out! So the million dollar question...are you a ranger or morelli fan?!?

    1. That's a tough one! I'm going to have to say Morelli though. Ranger is just a little too mysterious (even though you did find out a little more about him in this book).

    2. I'm a total Morelli fan too! He seems a little more stable even if Ranger is sexy...Have you seen the movie? I watched it it wasn't horrible but I wasn't too impressed with the cast they chose.