Insta Tuesday

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I found Jane's Insta Tuesday post over at last week and I decided I'd get Instagram and try it this week! So here it goes... a week in review.

Top left - My lovely letter from my pen pal, Elizabeth. I wrote her a letter and mailed it this week!
Top right - Seashells J and I collected at the beach. I made our first bathroom decoration (for when we finally get to move in together!
Bottom left - Sally Hansen HD - Digital. I am absolutely in love with this color. I also look like I have a ton more freckles than I actually have!
Bottom right - Bo sleeping at the top of the stairs. He looked so cute I couldn't help but snap this picture. I love my big fluff ball!

I'm pretty excited about this, and especially excited to look at everybody's elses Insta Tuesdays!



  1. We have a jar of seashells in our bathroom.

    Such a cute ball of fluff!

    1. I thought the jar of seashells was so cute and especially since the ribbon matches the colors we want to use in the bathroom! And thanks about my ball of fluff! He's too cute and he knows it. He often takes advantage of this cuteness to get extra attention and lovings!

  2. I thought that card looked familiar!! I saw a picture of it when Elizabeth sent it! Your nails look phenomenal. And look at that ring!! Your dog is SO cute! Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thank you very much for the compliments on my nails and my doggy! The ring is my college ring. I don't go anywhere without it. I love it so much! And thanks for hosting the link up! I am definitely doing it again!