Roughing It... Kinda

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What is your definition of camping? Is it pitching a tent, or pulling up in a big motor home? Possibly it's laying out under the stars. Personally the laying under the stars stuff is left to J. I prefer the camper. It isn't super huge, nor super waterproof, but it isn't a sleeping bag on the ground.

This past weekend (I'm a little late on the update) I went camping with my family! It was quite the headache before the trip, but turned out to be very fun. I have a very large family on my Mom's side. She has two brothers and one sister. One of my uncles and one aunt came out camping with us as well as my grandparents. On Saturday my other uncle and two cousins and families came out to the camp ground. Plus J came up on Saturday! It was quite wonderful. It was his first time meeting the whole family. My family tried to embarrass me so much in front of J, but it wasn't so bad.

When the teasing and embarrassment did get kinda bad I just drank wine. J and I finished that red bottle of wine in one night, although it wasn't hard to do. It had 4 glasses in it. So hence the kinda funny face in the next picture...

The campground had a dance Saturday night. My whole family went, we are friends with the DJ. So J and I danced almost the whole night. Because we are Southerners, we like to line dance. I don't know that many line dances, so that's where I sat out. And I wouldn't dance to a sad slow song, I mean hello, we are young and happy. I want to dance to happy romantic slow songs.

Sunday when we woke up it was raining... so we had a very fun time trying to pack up the camper in the rain. But luckily J never goes anywhere without his handy dandy rain gear.

That's my Dad too. He had a fun time in the rain. You can kinda see the puddles around the site out there. I stayed inside the camper, except it's a little old and was leaking in the bedroom and the bathroom.

But rain or not, this camping trip helped me complete another 101 goal! Yay!

 14. Go camping



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