MIA: Labor Day weekend

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I've been seriously MIA lately. I've had a difficult time recently.

I had a job interview. I think it went well, but I'm not sure if I want it. I know that sounds crazy. But my life just seems upside down lately.

But in better news I went camping with J this weekend. Well, it wasn't just him and I. His 4 of his friends came too. It was a pretty fun time. We camped at Kings Dominion.  So Saturday we went to the park. I enjoy roller coasters to no end, but anything that swings makes me sick. He loves the swing type of rides but doesn't like roller coasters. So we did a few of both.

It rained like crazy Saturday night though. Rain + tents = disaster! The rain was coming in the bottom section of the walls of the tent, so we (and by we, I mean J) took tarps and layered them over the sides of the tent to  give the tent extra rain protection. It worked, but by the time he did that, we already had water all in the tent. It rained on and off Sunday, but we went to the Bass Pro shop a few miles down the road. I was kinda bored. I'm not much of an outdoors type of person. Camping is about the best it gets for me.

While we were at the Bass Pro shop, we stopped by the gun counter. J told me that when we live together he wants me to get a gun to keep in my purse. Hah! yeah a GUN for me to keep in my purse. I don't think it's a bad idea to have a gun, especially when I am not in good parts of town. I'm not afraid of them (at least not to have one around). I just want to be fully trained in them and know how to handle them and myself. But my biggest fear is when we have kids. I don't want the kids to be able to easily get their little hands on the guns. And knowing J, he will want to start the kids early. But I've already laid down law to him that when he teaches the kids about guns and shooting, that they cannot "play" with them unless he is around. Period. He agreed with my law and said that was a good idea.

Overall, my Labor Day weekend was pretty good. I'll try not to be so MIA in the future.


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