5 for Five

Monday, October 29, 2012

I saw this last week and thought how cool it was so I'm trying it out this week.

1. Write/send 3 letters or cards next week
I have been meaning to do this for some time. I sent out 3 last week, but there are a few other people I would like to share the love with.

2. Do Insanity everyday this week
I slacked this past weekend and I want to make sure that I follow through so I can lose some weight

3. Think of at least 3 ideas for the "Get to Know Me November"
I want to do a "get to know me" thing, and I figured November would be the perfect time. Plus it kind of goes together.

4. Buy my mom a birthday present for her birthday on Saturday!!!
This one is a must. I forgot her birthday is coming up so soon and I want to make sure I have her something she will love!

5. Have at least 12 more inches crocheted on J's blanket by the end of the week
I don't want to be pushing it to finish J's blanket for Christmas. I know I still have like 2 months, but I want to have plenty of time to find a big enough box and wrap it to have it sitting out all nice and pretty.



  1. YAY! We are SO happy to have you linking up with us this week! Thank you!

    You have some great goals for this week! I'm loving ALL of them. I think you've got some great things going on- fun and accomplishing goals! I can't wait to hear how you've done!

    Number one is particulary close to my heart- something I try to do one a weekly or ever other week.. basis.

  2. Wooo! Insanity every day you go girl! I have to get a birthday present for my mom too! Eeek thanks for the reminder!

  3. i am sure you will find a great present that your mom will love! good luck with your goals :)

  4. Thank you so much for linking up!! I did Insanity a couple of years ago, and did it again halfway - I had some good results. In fact, I probably should start back up!!

    Thanks again for joining in, I can't wait to see how you did in the next Monday linkup!!