Cricut vs Silhouette

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I have been debating over which crafting machine I want. My future sister-in-law has both. Her first crafting machine was the Cricut Expression. She used this machine for many of her projects around the house and helping out at her boys school. Her projects look absolutely great!

She found out about the Silhouette Cameo and got it right before I got into town. She has been playing on it for a few days, enough to figure out how to work it. I went over the other day to play with them. Here are some facts and my opinion (and Erika's opinion) on the two machines

Cricut Expression
  • No computer needed (if using cartridges)
  • LCD screen on machine
  • $45+ per cartridge
  • Computer program can be used
  • Little to no noise
  • Manually change the cutting pressure, speed and size
  • Cutting size up to 12" by 24"
  • Original price: $299.99

Silhouette Cameo

  • Can cut with or without computer
  • LCD screen on machine
  • Images purchased online at 
  • Most images cost $0.99
  • Set size of image on computer
  • Cutting pressure and speed automatically set after selecting material
  • Can cut vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric and rhinestones
  • Can use any font on the computer for cutting
  • Cutting size of 12" up to 40" (recommended sizes)
  • Original Price: $299.99
Erika and my opinions are very similar. We both believe that the Silhouette Cameo fit our crafting needs a little better. I personally don't want to have to deal with searching through cartridges to find the images I want. Plus I don't want to purchase an expensive cartridge for a few images I want. By purchasing the specific image for about $0.99 I can get what I want for very little. Also with the Silhouette, you can download images off of the internet, change the format and cut it all very easily. 

Silhouette image I found that I love!

I already made my first few crafts with Erika's Silhouette. Some cursive letters for quilt fabric holders and a Movie Night tray. I loved it. They were easy to make. I hope this has helped anybody looking for a crafting machine.



  1. My cousin has a crafting business that she used a cruicut for for like a month before she got a silhouette. Much better in her opinion as well.

  2. I absolutely love my Cricut, but sometimes I think the Silhouette would be a better choice for me. I really like the way you get graphics to cut on it. Like you said it isn't the best buying a cartridge for all that money for just a couple images.

  3. I was torn too but I'm really happy I got the Silhouette! I think the Cricut is a little more user friendly. The silhouette can drive me nuts sometimes. But, overall I'm really happy with it. I hated the idea of buying cartridges when I only wanted an image or two. Plus, I love with the silhouette I can make any image I want! I'm not limited to the ones they have for sale.