Do You Believe?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Do you believe in ghosts?

I have been running up on this topic a lot. I mean I am watching Supernatural beginning to it's current season. But this topic has come up more than just in the show.

I know everybody might not believe, and if you don't that's okay. You don't have to read on. But if you are the slightest bit interested then keep reading because in honor of Halloween, I will be sharing two ghost stories with you.

Everything I am about to tell you is real to my knowledge. I feel like I am writing the opening to a ghost adventures type of show, but I shall continue. One of the stories is my own. One I heard from a few friends.

My junior year of college I had an apartment with two other girls. The apartment was managed by our university and to our knowledge had not been lived in by anybody but college students. Often at night we would be watching tv and doing homework in the living room where we had 2 couches and a single chair. Each of us would sit on our own seat.

One night out of the corner of my eye, something caught my attention on the couch in front of the window. I don't have any cats, but I could have swore I saw a cat jumping from the arm rest. I didn't say anything and thought I was just tired from doing homework and being up all day. When I saw it again another night, I decided to ask my roommates if they had ever seen such a thing happen. They thought I was crazy, but as time passed each of them saw it. It took a while from how we sit, but one of us would walk past the living room and see it happen. It was like each time we would walk into the room it would disturb the cat from watching out of the window and it would jump off the couch.

Later on in the year, I walked into the kitchen one morning before leaving for an early morning class and I swore I saw a person sitting at the table. It was a boy, but in the blink of an eye I didn't see it anymore. I never saw facial features, just that he had medium length light brown hair and he seemed to be eating something. I told my roommates and they watched but never saw anything. I saw the boy again, but this time he was standing in my roommates room by the window.

I'm sure this might sound a little unreasonable, but have you ever heard of spirits showing up in pictures as auras? Well, here is an example. This is my roommate's PJ birthday party in our apartment. As you can see there are 2 auras behind us and one of the side. We are not sure, but their may have been two cats.

I think I had watched a little too much Steel Magnolia the day before.

After winter break, the roommate, who's room the little boy visited, told the boy that it was ok. He could go into the light and he would be fine. You know, the whole Ghost Whisperer thing. Well, we never saw him after that.

This next story I cannot say with 100% certainty is true. I believe my friends but I was not there. But for the sake of Halloween and my love of ghost stories I'm going to believe it is true and tell you.  

Both of my friends are in the Air Force and work on the planes. Both of them and one other guys had to go on one of the planes on night. To keep this less confusing without using names, we are going to call my friends Z and S and the other guy A.  

The cockpit of one specific plane had said to be haunted. Guess which one they had to work on that night?! Yep, that one. Z and S were in the cockpit of the plane, but S was thirsty and went to go get some water. Z continued to do what he need to do, but began getting this feeling that something wasn't right and he shouldn't be there. He decided to leave and go get S. At this point neither of them are in contact with A. As Z is walking toward S, he hears something in the plane. Thinking it might be A, he turns to look. He see's the face of a girl in the cockpit window. Z said the girl had brown hair about shoulder length, but her eyes were absent. But with the blink of an eye, she was gone.

When Z finally got to S, they talked about how they both heard noises from the plane and what Z had seen. S said that when he was on the plane he didn't feel right and that was why he went to get some water. Eventually A showed up and had a similar feeling. They all felt very uncomfortable, like the ghost was not the Casper type. 

After my friends got off of work, they went to IHOP to get something to eat. They work the 3 to 11 pm shift, so IHOP was not busy. As they were eating they heard a womans voice from the other section of seating. They didn't think much of it assuming that it was a waitress or another customer. When they were walking out of the restaurant they checked the section where the voice had come from. There were two men in the section who were "passed out" as Z said, but no women, nor had any women left. They came to the conclusion that the angry ghost had followed them to the restaurant. Finally later that night after much irritation, they no longer felt the ghost. 

As I said earlier, I was not there and cannot say 100% if this happened, but I do believe that there are some people who are more "in tune" with feeling things such as the presence of spirits. 

Hope you enjoyed.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Yes I believe 100% in ghosts. I believe that on more than one occasion I have encountered my Mom's ghost. I have never been scared but felt an overwhelming calm.

  2. Hey. I found you through "I'll Follow You Anywhere" And I NEVER do this.. but we have the same post for today. I wanted to leave the link to mine after reading yours'.. ooh love ghost stories.. don't you?
    Have a great halloween.. and oh here is the link:

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