La Belle Amie

Friday, October 5, 2012

La Belle Amie Vineyards... I am the type of person that loves to go to vineyards and taste wine. It is #40 on my 101 list! So when I was at the beach I found this little beauty.

When we were getting close, we weren't sure that we were in the right place. But when we pull up, it was beautiful. Take a look:

There was a beautiful deck with flowers and outdoor seating. I think you could have bought a bottle of wine  (or glass of wine) and sat outside to drink it. I think if we had of had time I would have liked to do this.

Their wine is Twisted Sister brand. They had super fun names for their wines like Bless Her Heart, Cabana Boy, Ice Queen, Sun Fun Girl, Sweet Carolina Girl and Southern Gentleman. My favorite was Ice Queen but the bottle was very expensive. It was a combination of grapes and other fruit wines. Of course I would have expensive taste! They also had this Spiced Wine. It calls for Crown Mulling Spice (which they sell at the vineyards) I found it on Amazon, but it isn't available now. Bummer.

They also had a Wine Slushie. I wasn't too fond of it because cold things make my teeth hurt a little, but J loved it. He bought some of the slushie mix. It makes a lot of slushie too!

If you have a chance to go to a vineyard to and taste their wine I would definitely recommend going and doing a wine tasting. Usually they are $3 to $5 to taste 5 to 7 of their wines. Plus you usually get to keep the wine glass. I love collecting wine glasses.

Happy Wining!



  1. I have never tasted any type of wine (but I'm also underaged....haha) but this looks like so much fun! It's always fun to cross stuff off your list isn't it?

  2. This looks like so much fun, I really wish I liked wine.