Sandy and New Family

Saturday, October 27, 2012

You know it's probably going to be serious when the state has already declared a state of emergency before the storm even hits. Yep, Sandy hasn't even reached Virginia yet but our state has called for emergency measures.

I can't blame them though. From what I read we (in the Richmond area) are supposed to get wind gusts of up to 50 mph, flooding, tree damage and long term power outages. Perfect! I didn't really want to shower anyway.

During stuff like this I like to have something to do and the people I love near me. This storm I don't have any projects planned. I am in the middle of a book I can read as long as my kindle stays charged. I have my parents with me this time, but J is back on base. Luckily all he is getting is a little wind and maybe some rain. But I would love to cuddle up with him when the weather gets bad and just talk and look out the windows. I can be so old fashioned sometimes.

Since visiting J's family I have become very close with his mom, Mama S. More close than I have been with any other parents. Mama S and I are always texting when we are away and talking about this and that when I was there.

When she found out about the storm coming so soon she was very concerned that it was coming so close to me.

I absolutely love her. I have never been treated so nice by my significant other's family. She always tells me that I can come down and spend time with her and the family even if J can't come.

J's sister is so nice as well. While I was there we hung out a few times. We would go to McDonald's and get a caramel frappe with extra caramel. Oh, they are so good and I loved getting to spend girl time with her. She is like the older sister I never had. She got me new shoes as well as a bag that she embroidered with my name while I was there. I just love her.

Even though we are soon to be hit with a hurricane, I think it shows you who really cares. These people that I will soon call my family honestly care about me and I am so happy to have them.


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