5 for Five

Monday, November 12, 2012

So as for this week...

1. Blog about my Wilton Cake Decorating class
I did it!! See it here!

2. Get a notebook for ideas for crafts and blog postsI got the notebook, but I wanted to decorate it and make it very pretty. But that didn't happen. So I'm giving this a yellow for the week.
3. Clean up/organize my bathroom
This was like a 3 thumbs up green. I think it looks wonderful. I've even got pictures to prove how messy it was and how not messy it is now!


Pretty mess huh?!


A little better, right?!

4. Make a <growing> shopping list for Christmas
I got a few things I want to get for my mom, and a few friends, but I couldn't think of hardly anything for my dad... and I didn't write any of it down.

5. Keep up with Insanity
I didn't lose as much weight as last week, but as long as I'm feeling better, I don't exactly care.

3.5/5 isn't too bad. Maybe this coming week will be better.

So this week's goals are...

1.  Blog about Week 2 of my Cake decorating class
This week we are decorating a cake with a picture of a cupcake. Kind of weird thing to be decorating a cake with, but I want to give you the low down on this week's fun times.

2. Actually make the Christmas shopping list!
Yep, this didn't get written down last week, so I am actually going to do it this week.

3. Get some materials and make my blog notebook pretty then write a few crafting ideas in it.
I have had a few ideas of things I wanted to do, so now it's just writing them down and actually doing it!

4. Pull out and put away all of my winter sweaters.
I have almost 0 extra room in my closet/dresser drawers, so I need to swap out winter and summer things. I have a pile of winter clothes in my floor now and need to find them a home for the winter so they don't stay there permenantly.

5. Make an effort to talk to my friends who don't live close by.
My best friend from high school lives about 3 hours away from me and my best friend from college just moved 20 hours away to Kansas. Sooo. I don't want to lose either of their friendships so I am going to try to make an effort.

Hopefully this week will turn out a little better.



  1. I love that your bathroom has the color purple in it. My fave color!

  2. Awesome job on the bathroom!

    New follower from 5 for 5

    Jill @ And Life Goes On