Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good afternoon y'all. I wasn't sure that I how much I had been on IG this week, but it was a good week, so I want to share!

This week has been just a bit of randomness of my life. So here it goes.

1. I found my new favorite drink. Chai Tea from Panera Bread! Yep, I will say it, Starbucks Chai Tea isn't my favorite.

2. I got a letter from J's sister Erika with pictures of her lovely boys! This was such a surprise and I loved to see how handsome the boys are!

3. I found my first pair of point shoes one night last week. It took me for a pleasant trip down memory lane.

4. I bought my winter candle. I am loving the smell of the candle. Great smell that is light and not overbearing!

5. J came to visit this weekend, but he was so tired he was in bed by 10:30pm {he usually stays up until about 2am}

PS I'm loving that I have my regular computer back and I am able to make cool collages with my photoshop again!


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