Nail Polish, Make up and Candles... Oh My!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's see... I have been working on this post for about 3 days now. It started off as a way to keep myself occupied as J drove up for the weekend, then a way to keep quiet while he was still sleeping in bed... So now I will just get on with it and post the darn thing already.

Without further ado, my first obsession...

Nail polish...
 I have a ton of nail polishes but I've found that nothing is more exciting than trying on a new polish color. I don't know exactly what it is. I usually have very bright nails. And I mean like neon colors. But lately I've been wanting to go into neutrals and not so bright colors. I think that when Black Friday rolls around I might look into some sale polish colors?!

This is my current color... Soft Sienna Silks by China Glaze. What do y'all thing?

Sorry the picture isn't the best. My camera and I are having disagreements on focusing and it's the best I could do at the moment.

Make up & tutorials...

Now that I have a very neat and organized make up drawer in my bathroom I have gotten into doing my make up and wanting to find out more way to do makeup! I have found this channel on youtube of a girl named Ingrid or Missglamorazzi (click on the link and check her out) that blogs videos about anything beauty and fashion. I really love her style. My only complaint is that I don't spend the money for the kind of make up she uses so I have to find similar colors, types or dupes of whatever she is doing.

Do y'all watch any beauty channels? Please share them with me!!!

And finally my latest and biggest obsession is....

Bath and Body Works seasonal candles...

I have recently discovered that B&BW has candles that smell awesome! I generally tend not to go into their store because I am not fond of lotion -- cue dry skin! But I walked past there in the fall and saw this huge display of candles. J was like "Hey lets go check it out!"... I sure didn't disagree.

Into the store we went and so my obsession began. I got the Farmstand Apples by Slatkin & Co. for the fall. No lie, if you have ever smelt apples from an apple tree, like the kind people grow in their yards.. this candle is an exact replica. Or at least to my noes it is. It brings back such good memories of my childhood and having apple trees in our front yard. Going to collect the apples and making homemade grated apple pie. yummmy!

I honestly love this Slatkin & Co candle because no matter where I burn the candle, the whole house smells like fresh picked apples. And we aren't talking about a small house either. I can be burning it in my bedroom and my mom will ask from the living room (on the far end of the house) if I have my candle burning. Very well made candle, y'all.

My next candle that I fell in love with is.... White Barn No. 2 Chestnut and Clove by White Barn candles. I had a very hard time deciding between this candle and 'Tis the Season by Slatkin & Co. I was a little leery about trying out this new brand, but I loved the smell and asked one of the employees if the scent would waft throughout the house. {Side note: I didn't actually say waft, that's just the chemist in me.} Anyway, so my decision was made. I got the White Barn No. 2, I was afraid the slight hint of cinnamon in the 'Tis the Season would be overpowering since I knew how strong that brand of candle is.

I had a spend $30 and get $10 off, so I actually got 2 of the 14.5 oz 3 wick candles. White Barn and Evergreen. In my family we don't get live trees because we like to leave the lights on as a source of light and we think it is a good thing to not catch the tree of fire and burn the house down. So fake we have, but we have been looking for a way to make the living room and dining room {we have 2 trees} smell like a live tree. I think we have found the ticket with this candle. It smells like a real tree plus I know it will make the whole house smell.

I will stop talking about candles now... Can you tell I'm obsessed?!


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