Sunday Social: Thankful Edition

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Link up with Ashley and Neely so we can all see what you are thankful for!

What I am thankful for...

My parents
I am grateful for my parents. They have always been there for me no matter what. They taught and raised me to be the sweet, polite person I am today and I can't thank them enough. 

I am thankful to have this man in my life. He has brought me so much happiness and I don't know what I could do without him. He is my ray of light when I feel like I am in an eternal night, my spark of laughter when all hope is gone. He is the piece that completes me.
Adventures {Angel Oak Tree, Charleston, South Carolina}
I am so appreciative that I have gotten the chance to take adventures. I have this wanderlust that is slowly being satisfied. 


I am glad I have my loving boy in my life. He was my lap down when he was a puppy and slowly outgrew his calling. He is my sweet boy and I'm not sure what I would do without him.

I am very thankful for my baby girl. She is my running partner, my cheerful pal and my "always want a belly rub" baby girl. 

New friends

I am very thankful at how I have made new friends that are willing to accept me for who I am.

New Family

I am thankful for new family that I have gained through J. They have welcomed me as part of the family and treated me like they've known me since I was in diapers. I am very grateful for them!