Was that MY Wilton Cake?!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As y'all know I'm in a Wilton Cake decorating class. Last week we learned about icing types and played around with one specific tip.

The second class was quite a night! I worked really hard making my cake. I used these wet bake even strips and it was a little difficult to get in the oven with them staying on. Then I tried this new technique of baking the cake. Turns out I put it on the wrong temperature, so it took longer to bake the cake.

But I eventually got it all baked and it looked pretty good. I get to Michael's and was pulling all of my equipment out of the car. The cake was the last thing I picked up and as I was shutting the car door, my cake toater decided that it wasn't going to hold the cake anymore. The bottom came undone from the top and my beautiful cake went onto the Michael's parking lot... and my car tire. Yep. My cake on in the parking lot.

Let the waterworks begin...

Ok. Now that I've had a 10 minute conversation with my dad about my cake falling out onto the ground, I go into the classroom and one of the ladies gives me half of hers. She was so sweet. She was also the one that nicknamed me Wilma. I went to the bathroom and dried my eyes and got my stuff and proceeded to decorate my beautiful cake. Well, her beautiful cake.

We used the same bags for our icing so I got a bit of a tie-dye effect with my icing, but for practice I don't think it matters.

Next week we will be decorating beautiful cupcakes with mum flowers. Hopefully I don't drop those!



  1. Oh man! I would have cried!!! But glad someone else was kind enough to share. Love the cupcake design too. Super duper cute! Great job.

  2. So nice of that lady to share, but I think you did a wonderful job!! :)