5 for Five

Monday, December 10, 2012

Linking up again this week. So let's get started and see how I did last week and what I will try to accomplish this week!

1. Write holiday cards to J everyday.
 I wrote cards everyday. I didn't get them out on time one of the days, but I mailed them all. So that's good enough.

2. Decorate for Christmas! 
We finally are all decorated for Christmas. The house looks so lovely!

3. Finish crocheting J's stocking
Epic fail. :( I tried to work on it, but as I was looking at it the "seam" was all crooked. I didn't think I had added stitches, or lost any. So I pulled it out and tried again and got the same effect. I don't know what I'm doing. But it sucks.

4. Go for a walk each day this week.
This gets a yellow because I did miss 1 day of walking due to Christmas decorating and 1 day due to inclimate weather.

5. Do a good job on my interview.
I am not so sure that I did "good", but I tried my best and that's all anybody can expect.

So for this week...

1. Keep writing the nightly note cards to J.

2. Finish wrapping all of my presents.
I have most of it done, but I need to find boxes and wrap the odd shaped stuff.

3. Read to at least 50% in The Happiness Project on my kindle.
I am really wanting to start my own happiness project starting in Janurary.

4. Find a new craft project to do.
I feel so lost not really having anything to do. So I want to start something.

5. Keep a journal/diary and write in it 3 times.
I have tried on multiple occasions to keep a journal. I am going to try to accomplish it this time around.

Hope everybody else has had a good week!



  1. I'm so with you on #5... I've tried a few times as well, but I'm hoping to start again in the new year and keep at it! :)

    Best wishes on your list, and Happy Monday!

  2. I have The Happiness Project on my reading list too...perhaps I'll get around to it eventually.

    I love journaling! I've kept a journal since I was in the 4th grade or so. It's funny to look back on all the crazy things I wrote when I was a kid, but I've been sucking at journaling lately.

    I'm a new follower, love your blog!

    Good luck on your goals and have a fantastic week!

  3. Yay for being all decorated for Christmas!

  4. I'm excited to see what craft project you come up with! I have heard about The Happiness Project a lot lately on blogs I read - I guess I'll have to look into it some more, since it seems great! Thanks for linking up!!