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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hey y'all. There are so many wonderful "people" that I love and want to share with you. I say "people" because, well some of them don't talk quite like us, nor do they walk on 2 legs, but one of them sure as heck tries.

I have a somewhat old {2007} DSLR Nikon camera that I loved taking pictures with, but it had gotten stuck in the corner. I just picked it up this past week and started taking some pictures with it. It's Christmas and I want a lot of memories to look back on. So anyway... let me show you some of my memories of the people I love so far...

These few pictures are the results of a warm day outside with my favorite furry friends...

Bo has become a ham for the camera

See what I mean? He just loves to sit there and pose for me. The little dink that the camera makes when it focuses gets his attention and he just loves to sit and pose.

Christy, on the other hand, has to be coerced into getting her picture taken... or have it be by surprise. She used to love it though!

I call this one "Christy's view" She didn't want me to take her picture anymore, so I just took one from her perspective. I really like it.

Bo loves to "chase" helocopters or airplanes. Basically anything that is mechanical and flies. If he moves with me to the Air Force Base he is going to have to get over that habit. This is him looking up at the air plane flying over before he ran to chase it!

One night Mama got in the floor with them. I love my Mom more than anything. She is the person I most look up to. And even though we don't always agree on things, I know that she will always love me.

Another night while I was busy cutting out Christmas gift tags, Dad sat down to "read the paper" which really means fall asleep. I love my Dad so much. He is the first man that I knew that could "do anything and everything"

Christy didn't like that Dad wasn't paying attention to her... She had to get in his lap.

And finally the most recent addition to the people I love, John. We can't be together as much as we would like, but I love having our pictures on my nightstand. I can look at them every night before I turn out the lights and I can see them every morning when I wake up. I am so thankful to have him in my life. He is the other man that can "do anything and everything."

Some final thoughts... it wouldn't be Christmas memories without a Christmas tree picture. So here is my view from the couch as I was getting my camera ready to take some pictures.


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