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Thursday, December 27, 2012

How do you get inspiration to write posts? I'm sure what comes to mind most often is events that happen during the day or week. Sometimes that is true for me, but more often than not a song inspires me. I never realized how much music was a part of my life. I listen to a song and it sparks this emotion down deep inside of me and I never realized I was harboring it.

I wanted to share some of the songs that have "gotten me through" this past year. At the time I didn't realize they were getting me through, but looking back at how many times they were played, I think they did. I also want to throw in a few of the not so highly played (because I just found them within the last month or so), but highly cherished songs.

So I chose to chose 5 songs that I played a lot over the year and bring back memories from the year, and my top 5. So lets get started, shall we?!

10. Sweet Southern Comfort by Buddy Jewell
      Plays: 11
      Why I love it: This lovely song I found by listening to my town's country music radio the day the Mayan calendar said the "world was ending." It reminded me what I love about the south, what I enjoy in life and why I should just stop to appreciate it all. I also happened to visit many of the states that are mentioned in this song this summer. Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. Roll Tide Roll! Yes, I was converted to a Bama fan!

9. Marry Me by Train
    Plays: 53
    Why I love it: This year I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. As I listen to the lyrics of this song it reminds me of all the people I love, not just J. My post Forever Could Never Be Long Enough For Me is a post about the people I love inspired by this song. The lines:
"Forever could never be long enough for me
To feel like I've had long enough with you"
are the ones that truly inspired that post. I also really feel connected to another set of lines:
"Together could never be close enough for me
To feel like I'm close enough to you"

 8. Quiet Your Mind by Zac Brown Band
     Plays: 65
     Why I love it: As I was preparing to graduate, the Ambassadors (an organization I belonged to that gives school tours) did a senior movie. Each senior had to pick out a song that they wanted to play during their section. I felt this was a good song for me. This isn't really the typical "graduation" song, but if you really listen to it, it makes sense to use it in that context. At the ending of this part of my life, I felt like there was so much going on, and I just needed to relax, enjoy my life and where it took me. Quiet my mind and find the educated woman I wanted to be.

7. Carolina by Eric Church
    Plays: 68
    Why I love it: When I listen to this song, I have this one image in my mind. J and I were driving on the lonely long stretch of road outside of the back gate, but before you hit civilization. We were playing this song with the windows down and the summer wind blowing in my face right at sunset. I was so happy and felt a great calm and peace. When I had to go back home after spending a month with him, I listened to this song... Carolina kept calling me home.

6. Hell on the Heart by Eric Church
    Plays: 72
    Why I love it: This is another song that evokes an image and memories. Much of my summer was spent at my families beach house which is also 2 hours from J. So every time I would come down, J would come up. When we would get in the car, this was the song we would put on. He would hold my hand and look at me and sing this line to me "I can read your face like a book" and
"She's good when she's bad and she's cute when she's mad and she does all the wrong things right"
I would sing him the line "But here's the kicker son, your old tickers gonna beat you half to death"


5. I Won't Give Up On Us by Jason Mraz
    Plays: 76
    Why I love it: I found this song at the start of the year. About 15 days later I met J. I was at a difficult time in my life at that point. I had been in a relationship that I thought was going to be forever and I didn't know how to get into another relationship and trust or love again. J changed all of that. He showed me it was okay to move on, okay to love again. There was one very rough time between us where we didn't talk for a month. This song helped me through that time and reminded me not to give up on him and us.

4. Let It Go by Zac Brown Band
    Plays: 79
    Why I love it: This one actually doesn't have some deep meaning behind it. I mean not as deep as the others. It's more of a playful song that I listened to when I wanted to be in a happier mood. When something doesn't go my way and I can't change it, I just have to let it go. It reminds me to not hold on to grudges, not think so much and just follow my heart and live life.

3. This I Gotta See by Jason Aldean
    Plays: 102
    Why I love it: This song honestly just reminds me of how much J loves me and loves to come see me. He treats me like a princess. I imagine this is the type of song going through his mind when he is on his way to see me. It's good to be somebody's "This I Gotta See"

2. Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band
    Plays: 158
    Why I love it: This one is more like a why it makes me feel better. The previous relationship mentioned in song #5 really hurt me. I had a hard time getting him out of my life, an even harder time trying to stop love him. Whenever I felt like I needed to talk to him or tell him something I would listen to this song. The man I loved was definitely a rambling man with a gypsy soul and he knew I would only hold him down.

1. Free by Zac Brown Band
    Plays: 168
    Why I love it: This song always gave me hope. It wasn't until recently that it had more meaning to me. Honestly, I love it because I know one day I will be "free" of the things that currently hold me back.  Also the picture is taken by a friend when the Zac Brown Band came to play at my college my freshman year. I also think that is why I love this song so much.

I also realized that I listen to a lot of country music more specifically Zac Brown Band. Did any of my top 10 songs make a blip on your years playlist? What songs made the biggest impact in your life this year?


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  1. great song choices. I love Carolina by Eric Church as well, because Carolina is always calling me home :)