Flowers and More Flowers

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I started my second Wilton Cake Decorating course last week. Course 2 is all about flowers. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think mine are turning out okay, but who knows.

This course has been me and one other lady, plus the instructor of course. I kind of like it that way! I like having a very private class. It gives me the quietness to concentrate, but also kind of puts me in the spotlight to do better and always pay attention (not that I don't).

So the first class (which I slacked and didn't blog about), we used fondant and gum paste mixture. I'm in a love/hate relationship with this piece of cake decorating sugar! I love it because you can make such unique things with it, but I hate it because of all of the prep and care you have to give it.

Flowers from fondant/gum paste mixture

I'm not sure if y'all are aware of this, but I am very picky about my hands being dirty. In order to use the fondant/gum paste mixture you must keep it moist or it dries out and is unusable. So you have to use Crisco or vegetable shortening... whatever you want to call it. None the less it makes your hands very greasy and is just yuck to me. Although every time I use it I can't help but think of The Help and how one of the maids says that you can use it on your husbands feet to make them smooth. At least I will have smooth hands.

So moving on, this week we made up our own stiff icing. I thought my mixer was going to have a stroke. I didn't beat the icing nearly as long as it called for, but to my amazement, the icing turned out exactly how it was supposed to according to my instructor.

Apple Blossom
We made the base for the Wilton rose, apple blossoms, primroses and rosebuds. My apple blossoms are awesome if I do say so myself! They were pretty easy to make just by following the sticker you sick onto the flower nail.


  My primroses are alright, the icing was a little too soupy for them to turn out well. The shine that is on the flower is not supposed to be there, so they didn't dry correctly. But I still think it looks okay.

And I couldn't exactly get a hand of turning my flower nail, so my base for my Wilton rose was definitely not the best. But I am going to try to practice them to make them better. The one on the left is my instructors demo one and the one of the right is mine. It looks kinda bad compared to hers, but with practice I think it will turn out better.

This is the rose bud. I think it turned out okay, but it wasn't my favorite flower. There were some flaws in mine, but now that I know what they are, I can try to fix them for next time.

So with that, I will get out of here and update y'all after my next class. Have a nice night!


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  1. I think everything turned out great. Gum paste is such a pain to work it but the results are amazing.