My Happiness Project

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

As many of you may know, I've been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (check out her site here). I loved the book so much that I wanted to start my own. I think I could really benefit from splitting up my goals and focusing on them a little bit at a time... just building up to accomplishing all of them.

I took some time a few days before the new year and came up with the first half of my happiness project. I had a hard time coming up with all my resolutions at the same time and trying to fit them into categories. Who knew that could be so hard.

I made some resolution charts to be able to check off if I had followed the resolutions each day. I need to keep myself accountable. Having the obvious check definitely helps to see what I need to be better at.

After thinking for a while this is what I came up with!

January - Project Better Body (got the idea from Annie with her OFB) Better body and body image.
-Think twice about junk food
-Drink between 40 and 70 ounces of water each day
-Walk at least 9000 steps per day
-Do an arm, ab, legs, back, and overall body workout each week
-Measure my body 5 times during the month

February - Project Clean and Tidiness
-Follow the 1 minute rule (if it can be put away in 1 minute, it should be put away right then)
-Evening tidy up
-Tackle a nagging task
-Follow a To Do List
-Clear Cluttered Space

March - Project Friend
-Write or email a friend at least 1 time a week
-Make a new friend
-Remember birthdays
-Listen to my friends

April - Project Love (My relationship with J)
-No nagging
-No snapping or fighting
-Show my love
-Say "I love you" morning and evening
-No dumping my problems

May - Project Write
-Better my handwriting
-Keep a journal
-Take Pictures
-Write on my blog 3 times per week

June - Project Adventure
-Visit a new place
-Send out at least 10 postcards
-Find at least 15 geocaches
-Go on a picnic

July - Project Me
-Use calming techniques
-Put lotion on
-Shave my legs!
-Keep my heels smooth
-Take hair vitamins
-Do my hair and make-up
-Paint my nails

August - Project Environment
-Turn off lights when not in the room
-Water my plant weekly
-Take weekly walks in nature

So far that's all I have. I'm sure I will come up with more as the year progresses on, but I have a hard time seeing 8 months ahead of me when I don't even know what I will be doing a week from now. But I will be sure to do monthly progress reports! : )


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  1. This is really awesome! I have never seen anything like this and I love it. ;)