Getting Back to Me

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I had this post almost all written and just had to add some pictures, but then something happened and kapoof, my entire post was erased. So.. here it goes for a second time.

J and I sat down a few nights ago and was looking through my old facebook pictures. We have very fun nights, let me tell you. But anyway, he was saying how he would have loved to know me back then. I was telling him how high school seems like a lifetime ago and I feel like such a different person now than I was then. But I started to wonder why...

I mean I realize that I had a few life changes, falling truly in love and then having my heart broken for one as well as a few other things. But what is stopping me from pulling a little bit of the Ashley I used to be into the Ashley I am now?

I used to be this bubbily person. I was a cheerleader, color guard member, dancer, nerd. I was pretty much everything. For heavens sake, I started the science club at my high school. But some of the pictures I found reminded me how much fun I had in life.

For example, my love of trying on things in stores:


Yes, I loved to try things on and make fun of merchandise. I usually did this with my best friend in the entire world. She is like my sister and our personalities match almost perfectly!

But here is a normal picture of us...

Becca and I would dress up to go anywhere. Heck, I used to get dressed up all the time. I mean it might have been jeans still, but I always had on jewelry and lipstick!

Perfect example... I got dressed up to go to classes because it was a warm day. Yep, that's the whole reason for wearing a party dress that day.

I guess by looking through all these pictures I'm just trying to remember how to have fun, cut myself a break and let my hair down every now and then. I feel like I've lost touch of that.

This last picture is one of my favorites... which may or may not have been induced by an icing high.

I hope I can pull a piece of this me I've just stared with you into the me that I am now...



  1. I love trying on stuff in stores lol, it's just so fun. :)

  2. More power to you girl. I look back and feel the same way. It is just so hard and a challenge when you have to grow up. :/