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Saturday, February 23, 2013

... yep. That's what I told J when he asked about his surprise. I might be the worst hint giver every.

Recently I've dabled into the crafty world of stained glass. You see it all started when a long time friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to this neat place called All Fired Up. It is a ceramic and glass fusing shop where you can paint or make your own creations.

My friend had not ventured into the glass fusion side of things, but has her own make-shift workshop for stained glass via soldering. I don't even really know if what I am talking about makes sense. I just know that she said it was fun. And of course she was right.

I went to her house Thursday to try my hand at it and had a blast. I got busy making J his surprise. I cut out my template and cutting out the glass. I have to say the glass cutting was one of the hardest parts I've encountered yet (I have yet to actually solder the glass together).

After a few hours of cutting, I finally got the the grinding and copper foiling done. Although it does take time, I really enjoyed it.

I can't wait to solder it all together and start on my next piece. I think I want to work on this heart stained glass next...

What do you think about stained glass? Do you have any hobbies of the sorts?


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  1. I have always loved stained glass although I have never worked with it. I love the surprise for J. :)