The "I'm Still Alive" Post

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So, I am still alive. I just haven't felt like blogging much lately. I mentioned vaguely a while ago that I was having this problem that was really giving me a struggle.

Well this problem still is causing me struggle. And that is one of the reasons I haven't felt much like blogging. But I've decided that I will soon be posting about this struggle of mine. I feel like it will help me to get it out and maybe get some feedback from y'all.

BUT as sort of an update besides the struggles in my life, I do have an appearance update! I am usually an all out blonde, naturally. But I got a little tired of the blonde thing and decided to go brown for a while.

The problem with dying my hair is that the dye doesn't stay. Literally. It just washes out. And I'm not talking about the "wash out" kind of dye. It's the permenant stuff, even going to the salon and spending the big bucks for them to color my hair. Washes out... and about 5 to 6 weeks later, I'm completely blonde again. It's been 3 weeks so far and I can tell it has lightened up a bunch. But oh well. It's fun to be different while it lasts.