It's OK! I'm really excited!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's OK...

that in my workout yesterday I skipped the jumping jacks... :(

that the hills around the house kill my running

that those hills make my legs stronger... I hope

because I'm going to see Brantley Gilbert and Kip Moore tomorrow!

that I'm more than excited to be seeing Brantley Gilbert and Kip Moore!!!

that I will take my second venture into Mississippi for the concert tomorrow.

that it has taken forever to start subbing

my computer charger only sometimes gets power. It's OK charger... I don't want to blog or get online or anything.

that I catch up on all of my shows during the week because I'm not used to having to watch them an hour earlier

that I love on John's dog Little Bit and try to get her to like me more than him

that I have a countdown to my wedding and it's 420 some odd days away!

that I also count down until John comes back home... 8 days from now.

BUT one last thing that I'm not OK with is the fact that the darn bugs have started biting already!!!

OK! That's it.


  1. My laptop won't turn on without the charger being plugged in. I've been too lazy to buy a new battery. LOL

  2. Have so much fun at the concert!! I know it will be amazing. :)

  3. Boo to the bugs. I am over them too! Yay for that concert... it's a good one. :) And yay for wedding countdowns!