Happy Memories At the Beach

Friday, August 30, 2013

Last weekend my family and I took a long weekend and went down to Myrtle Beach. I was so excited because J came up! He stayed all of about 27 hours, but 27 hours is better than nothing, right? We made a lot of great memories during those few hours

Work called so J had to stay late on Friday night so he didn't come up until Saturday around lunch time. After a little bit of Fuji hibachi fuel, we went to play putt-putt at Molten Mountain. This wasn't the most challenging course we've ever played on but it had some beautiful plants and a pretty cool wheel of fortune aspect to it.

You spin the wheel and it has challenges for you. On this one I got the challenge to hit behind your back for the first putt. I looked a little goofy but I managed to get a pretty good shot. J got the challenge to take 1 stroke off the final count. So not fair. But I still beat him in the end.

As I mentioned, the plants around the course were so beautiful. I really hope when we get a house that I can get plants to grow and look like this.

So after some super fun putt-putting we went for Sweet Frog {frozen yogurt in case y'all aren't from the east coast} I mean really how can you not want some fro-yo after spending an hour out in the sun. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings later and even though we've been out to dinner thousand times, this time was different. I'm not sure if it was because I was really enjoying the time I had with him or what. We talked about his upcoming promotion to Senior Airman and then testing for Staff in the spring. He's so excited because he will be a "baby" compared to all the other people testing for Staff. He's starting to study now, not that I blame him.

There was just something different about spending this weekend with him, I really don't know how to explain it. Our beach house has a small "back yard" which is just a little bit of grass and mostly briers that stick to your skin before you hit dunes and sand. We sat out there for about an hour with a bottle of wine just talking. We talked about possible changes of jobs for him like being a TI when he has the right rank or just staying in his current job (aircraft mechanic) and maybe becoming a driver. What I was going to try to do with my {non-existant} career. Later we walked on the beach and talked about some of his family and some of the silliest things. Plus we found air pockets under the sand that looked like bubbles that we would squish with our toes. It all sounds so silly and mundane to write about, but it was truly a good time with great memories. I hope that we can have so many more mundane sounding trips that are filled with memories to last a lifetime.

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Insanity Week Fooouuuur!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I spent a portion of this past week at Myrtle Beach. I had an extremely grand time. J came up and spent Saturday and Sunday with me. That was a lovely addition to being at the beach. The not so lovely part being that I burnt my belly button. Don't ask, I'm bad about rubbing in sunscreen into ALL parts of my body.

J and I had an exceptional time putt putting. I'll post more about it later, but here's a sneak preview of our time at the Molten Mountain.

BUT as far as workouts go, I did pretty well I say as I rounded out the first month of Insanity. Because I was at the beach Sunday/Monday, I didn't have my scales so I omitted the weight this week and let me just say that I felt truly accomplished by only looking at my inches lost {which was -1.5 inches this week}. It made me feel like I was doing awesome without having to justify according to the scales.

I really hope I can see this awesome of results by the end of the 2nd month. I would love to see 10 inches lost. I would really be one happy camper!

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Insanity Week 3

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This week of workouts has been pretty good. But to be honest they all start to blur together. I can't really remember them all that well.

Something that I have been enjoying about my workouts are the burn. And I don't just mean the feeling in my thighs after doing some suicides runs and then power jacks. I found my heart rate monitor watch which also tells how many calories you burn. I love being able to semi-quantify my workout. Obviously I know by the feeling in my legs that I've had a good workout, but I like to be able to put numbers to it as well.

I also decided that because I was up on my weight from the beginning I would calculate my body fat percentage using this Navy calculator. And I know that this is not the most accurate way to measure your body fat percent, but my theory is that if I use this calculator throughout the whole process, it should give me a good estimate of how much body fat I've lost no matter what the exact number is. So with that in mind before I started the Insanity workout this time, I was at 31.97% fat when I first started which according to their statistics is average for women (I don't want to be average!) With my current stats, I am measuring in at 29.73%. I am very happy. When you calculate that out, it means I've actually lost almost 3 pounds of pure body fat. Ha! Take that scales.

I am definitely not down because of my weight this week. I am feeling so accomplished! I can't wait to see what next week will bring with the end of the first month of Insanity!!

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And May the Odds Ever Be In Your Favor...

Friday, August 16, 2013

I finally joined humanity! Yes, I sat my butt down and finished the Hunger Games trilogy this past week. And let me just say, I don't know what I was waiting for. Like seriously, Ashley, you needed to get with the program a lot sooner!

My bestest friend from college told me about this trilogy and even gave me all three kindle books. When she told me what it was about I was kind of skeptic. I was like I'm not really into the dystopia type of books, especially where people fight and kill each other. {Not exactly sure what I was thinking there, some of my favorite books are Jason Bourne books where he kills people, call me ironic} But after being super skeptic for about a year I finally decided to read it after watching the movie twice and thinking, "hey this is pretty good"

Even after reading The Hunger Games this past March it took me a while to read Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Yeah, I'm a little stubborn sometimes. BUT I loved the books.

During each book I had extremely different feelings though. Like especially who Katniss had feelings for. The Hunger Games I wanted Katniss and Gale to be together, Catching Fire I wanted her to be with Peeta and in the Mockingjay I was just all sorts of confused and didn't know who I wanted her to be with.

My friend and I both agreed that we weren't exactly happy with the final ending. We were very, very upset about Prim at the very end. {In case you are like me and still haven't read I don't want to give it away a major part of the ending.} We didn't like that at all. And I was a little shocked about President Snow and President Coin. But other than that I loved the books. I might be kind of into dystopia after all.

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Annie Walker.... My TV Role Model

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I have a confession... I'm kind of obsessed with Covert Affairs that comes on USA. I absolutely love Annie Walker played by Piper Perabo. She is the kind of women that I look up to. A person that stands strong in her beliefs, does the right thing and will go to any lengths to have her friends backs. It also doesn't hurt that she is super stylish while doing all of that.
Annie Walker on Covert Affairs

So what I really wanted to talk about is Annie's style. Seriously, I wish that I had some reason to dress like her, I just love it. She is stylish yet professional. Her outfits seem to always show off her body, yet not look like she's trying too much. And don't even get me started on her shoes. I would kill for shoes like hers!

I have loved her style through all four seasons. Yes Covert Affairs is in it's fourth season now, so you know I've been drooling over her outfits for approximately four years now... So here are my favorite outfits Annie has worn that are basically every outfit style you would need....

Casual Annie Walker Outfit

Annie Walker Business Style

Annie Walkers's Day out on the town outfit
Day on the town

Annie Walker's Formal Attire
Formal party

Beach day for Annie Walker
Beach day

Ahh, I'm in love. Do you have a TV role model?

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Insanity - Week 2

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ahh, it's been another week in the land of Insanity. I'm starting to feel a little less insane every time I do these workouts, which is a good thing I guess.

I'm trying my best not to get frustrated at my results because ultimately I have been seeing results. The main one being that I can push myself harder in the workouts. The second one being losing inches. The scales, those dumb scales, are the ones that I have gotten most frustrated at. And I know that gaining weight is most likely the results of gaining muscle, but still, a little drop (not gain) would be nice.

I did try to motivate myself this week by getting new workout shorts which I LOVE! Mom and I went to JC Penny's this week to find some of their sale items and browsed on over to the workout gear. I originally found these "bike" shorts in Nike brand but they were somewhere around $27... um no way. I gave up on getting me some nice bike shorts, but then I found them in another brand Penny's carried and it was love at first sight.

PS I love me some bathroom mirror pictures... anyway, they are wonderful. They have this band on the inside of the legs so they stay in place and won't ride up which was my main concern. So I have worn them twice and absolutely love them. I'm looking forward to working out in them again this week.

So like I've said I gained some weight this week, but still saw some drops in inches...

Although to make myself feel better I compared my week 2 fit test from this round to the week 2 fit test from my first time doing Insanity. Let me just say I feel a lot better and stronger this time than last year around this time. Overall during the fit test I was about to do 57 more things total. During the fit test we do multiple exercises that include kicks, jumps, push up, squats, oblique and ab work. It's just a variety of different exercises that we encounter during the Insanity workout.

I'm hoping that over the next week I will see my weight drop back some as well as some more inches slowly sliding off.

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Please Help My Hair... Advice Wanted!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I've been noticing this problem... We'll call it my hair having a mind of it's own. I used to have this awesomely beautiful hair back before my thyroid decided to give out (thyroid problems cause many other problems with your body I'm coming to find out).

 It was long and beautiful and actually did what I told it most of the time. I've always had a problem with having very thin hair, but it always looked very good. It looked healthy and I'm sure the fact that I rarely blow dried it helped.

Once my thyroid stopped working it went from beautiful to straggly and just plain ugly. It looked like I put a blow drier to it 12 times a day. So not true though.

It got to the point where I hated my long dead end hair so much that I went and whacked it all off. Yes, I whacked it off. I showed the lady at the salon a picture and she looked at it and looked at me and asked if I was sure because she would be cutting so much off. I told her I was positive. I was tired of it looking horrible all the time.

Post-Thyroid Problems Hair CutSo after having hair that was in my mid back, I went to this cute and stylish hairstyle. I loved it. I thought it was fun and fit me so well. I also felt like my hair looked much more healthy most of the time. The only problem was that I began to miss my long hair.

I started growing it back out and it has been a very long process. I've grown my hair a pretty good length, but I still want it to be a few inches longer. But I am starting to have a problem again.

You know how your hair looks when you blow dry it unprotected? Yeah, those dead ends and frizzy look. I'm having that like crazy.... but I never blow dry my hair. I let it air-dry...every day. And when it finally dries it looks frizzy, and poofy and I just don't like it.

I've started using shampoo/conditioner that has Keratin in it and I feel like that helped some but not a drastic amount. Does anybody else have this problem? What do you do to make your hair more "manageable" and less like a poodle that has stuck its tongue in an electrical outlet. 
Please help my hair!
The girl with the unwanted big hair!

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ABC's Zero Hour

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So let's talk some TV shows... {I will probably give away some spoilers so be ware if you want to watch this for yourself} I am I lover of mysteries and solving puzzles, so when I saw that ABC was airing Zero Hour I just had to watch! This is literally a show that includes anything and everything I could ever want. Science, religion, conspiracy, kidnapping, Nazis and action... it has it all. How could I not want to watch?!


It originally aired February 14 of this year but didn't get good ratings during the first 3 shows so it was taken off the air. It returned in June on Saturday nights at 8 pm. I'm not exactly sure why it didn't get good ratings the first time around... I loved it, but maybe I'm just weird.

This show literally pulled me in from the beginning. The girl in the back (Laila)  is married to the guy in the front and center (Hank). Laila is the owner of a watch/clock repair shop. Hank is the owner of a magazine called Modern Skeptic. Appropriate job seeing as he is about to be sucked in to a huge conspiracy. Any who, Laila gets kidnapped by the guy beside Hank on the right (White Vincent) and Hank is on a mission to find her. The FBI gets involved because White Vincent is a known terrorist who was behind the crashing of a plane and that's where the girl on the left comes in (Beck). The other girl on the right and the guy in the back on the left (Rachel and Aaron) work with Hank at Modern Skeptic. They are basically his sidekicks and help him find clues and find his way back to Laila. Laila basically gets kidnapped because of an antique clock that she bought at an outdoor thrift shop. And that's where it all starts.

But literally every person has a background that just plays into the conspiracy. For example, Hank and White Vincent are clones. They were cloned from two Nazi soldiers who believed in the Church and wanted to hide this major secret having to do with the clocks and Jesus. Laila also has a secret that connects her to the Church and the secret society called the Rosicrucians. And Beck, her husband died on the flight that White Vincent crashed.

There is really more to the story that what I have told, but as you can see, it's complex and interesting and just so hard not to get sucked in. I was so sad that ABC didn't think it was worth continuing in February... which means this will probably be the first and last season of my beloved Zero Hour. Now I'll have to find some other conspiracy show to watch. Darn.

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Insanity: Week 1

Monday, August 5, 2013

This first week I was very encouraged. Yes, I am pretty sure everybody who starts a workout program, joins a gym or does whatever to better their fitness feels encouraged. But I felt really encouraged. I pushed myself harder, sweated more and stayed more motivated.

I know it's bad to weigh every day, but sometimes I can't resist. In the middle of the week I was up from my beginning weight. But instead of getting super discouraged, I felt motivated. I had sore calves, shoulders and oblique muscles so I knew I must be gaining weight from building muscle. Although overall I must have done something right because I'm moving on towards my goals. Let's take a look at this week's results.

My lowest weight since I've started taking thyroid medicine has been 139.2, so I am excited that I am making progress back towards that as well as my final goal of 125. And I'm definitely excited that I lost 1.5 inches this week (towards my goal of 158 inches). I have to keep reminding myself of my goals! As a side note I gained half an inch in my thighs, but I'm thinking I'm building up my muscles in my legs which I am totally okay with.

I can't wait to come back next week and give y'all more progress...

Is this the sign of a true Obsession?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It might not come across this way, but I have a slight obsession with candles. I've really only blogged about them like twice, and if you follow me on IG {msabish15}, I've posted my candles a few times.

But in reality I think I have an obsession. I came across this idea when I stepped into Bath and Body works a few days ago... I saw that their destination candles were 50% off. After smelling all of them, I couldn't decide between two. And then after remembering I got $20 from my grandmother for my birthday and I could get 2 candles for the price of one... I bought both. Does anybody else think like that or is this the sign of a true obsession?

These are the latest candles. I loved these destination candles, but the two I absolutely wanted to smell in my room were Rio Glow {Sizzle & Samba} and London Calling {Tea & Lemon}.

Just to give you an idea of why these two were so enticing, the description for Rio Glow is "A tantalizing blend of tropical mango, papaya and guava as vibrant as Rio's Carnival. Samba till sunrise!" Who couldn't love that. I'm a huge fruit lover, especially tropical fruit so this was perfect for me. I'm actually burning it right now!

 And as far as London Calling... it's "A royal blend of tea, lemon and sugar. Great traditions from across the pond!" If there is something y'all should know about me, it's that I LOVE tea. Sweet tea, hot tea, green tea, chai tea, you name it, I love it. So when I smelled this one, oh gosh, I was in love.

I don't think it's appropriate to say that I have an obsession without actually proving it... So here is the rest of my collection...

Summertime scents include: Tiki Beach and Poolside

Spring Scents: Yankee Candle Bermuda Beach

Winter Scents: White Barn No. 2, Evergreen, 'Tis the Season

And finally Fall Scents: 

So... is this a sign of a true obsession? I'm thinking it is....


Fighting For My Fit!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My weight has always been something that has bothered me. When I first went into college, I actually felt pretty good about myself, but then my thyroid crapped out on me and it all went down the drain from there. I know told this story earlier when I told about my results from Insanity. In fact through my previous rounds of Insanity, I am currently about where I was when I went into college. I feel pretty good about that fact. Yet, I want to be healthier. I want to have toned muscles and be able to put on a bikini and not feel a bit of guilt or shame when I walk onto the beach. I want to be in shape for all of the wedding bliss and not have to worry about losing weight and getting fit on top of planning. I want to look good for engagement/bridal/wedding pictures. I just want to feel good about myself for the first time in my life. So I'm back to Insanity again.

I recently read on Jessica's blog over at Fantastically Average about her recent completion of Revolt and got the idea to set up a weekly post about my weeks Insanity. Although being healthy is good enough motivation, I feel like I need somebody (or everybody in my case) to keep me accountable. I want to be able to share my progress with everybody without shame.

So here it goes. Beginning stats...

So each week I will use this form and fill in my current and total amount of weight and inches lost. On this form inches are the total amount of inches combined from my breast, chest, waist, hips, right and left thigh. Those are basically the places that I hope to see the most difference. 

Just to keep it real, I'm going to lay it all out on the line for y'all. (Don't know where "keep it real" came from, my college roommate must have rubbed off on me) I'm 5'2 and my goal is to weigh somewhere between 125 and 130 with only loosing fat. My goal inch measurement would be 158 inches.

I will probably be posting week 1 results sometime early next week! Be on the lookout if you want to follow me in my journey!