Happy Memories At the Beach

Friday, August 30, 2013

Last weekend my family and I took a long weekend and went down to Myrtle Beach. I was so excited because J came up! He stayed all of about 27 hours, but 27 hours is better than nothing, right? We made a lot of great memories during those few hours

Work called so J had to stay late on Friday night so he didn't come up until Saturday around lunch time. After a little bit of Fuji hibachi fuel, we went to play putt-putt at Molten Mountain. This wasn't the most challenging course we've ever played on but it had some beautiful plants and a pretty cool wheel of fortune aspect to it.

You spin the wheel and it has challenges for you. On this one I got the challenge to hit behind your back for the first putt. I looked a little goofy but I managed to get a pretty good shot. J got the challenge to take 1 stroke off the final count. So not fair. But I still beat him in the end.

As I mentioned, the plants around the course were so beautiful. I really hope when we get a house that I can get plants to grow and look like this.

So after some super fun putt-putting we went for Sweet Frog {frozen yogurt in case y'all aren't from the east coast} I mean really how can you not want some fro-yo after spending an hour out in the sun. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings later and even though we've been out to dinner thousand times, this time was different. I'm not sure if it was because I was really enjoying the time I had with him or what. We talked about his upcoming promotion to Senior Airman and then testing for Staff in the spring. He's so excited because he will be a "baby" compared to all the other people testing for Staff. He's starting to study now, not that I blame him.

There was just something different about spending this weekend with him, I really don't know how to explain it. Our beach house has a small "back yard" which is just a little bit of grass and mostly briers that stick to your skin before you hit dunes and sand. We sat out there for about an hour with a bottle of wine just talking. We talked about possible changes of jobs for him like being a TI when he has the right rank or just staying in his current job (aircraft mechanic) and maybe becoming a driver. What I was going to try to do with my {non-existant} career. Later we walked on the beach and talked about some of his family and some of the silliest things. Plus we found air pockets under the sand that looked like bubbles that we would squish with our toes. It all sounds so silly and mundane to write about, but it was truly a good time with great memories. I hope that we can have so many more mundane sounding trips that are filled with memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. We are huge mini golf lovers!!! :) So fun!

  2. Wine and long talks are the best! Tell J good luck studying for Staff!