Insanity Week 3

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This week of workouts has been pretty good. But to be honest they all start to blur together. I can't really remember them all that well.

Something that I have been enjoying about my workouts are the burn. And I don't just mean the feeling in my thighs after doing some suicides runs and then power jacks. I found my heart rate monitor watch which also tells how many calories you burn. I love being able to semi-quantify my workout. Obviously I know by the feeling in my legs that I've had a good workout, but I like to be able to put numbers to it as well.

I also decided that because I was up on my weight from the beginning I would calculate my body fat percentage using this Navy calculator. And I know that this is not the most accurate way to measure your body fat percent, but my theory is that if I use this calculator throughout the whole process, it should give me a good estimate of how much body fat I've lost no matter what the exact number is. So with that in mind before I started the Insanity workout this time, I was at 31.97% fat when I first started which according to their statistics is average for women (I don't want to be average!) With my current stats, I am measuring in at 29.73%. I am very happy. When you calculate that out, it means I've actually lost almost 3 pounds of pure body fat. Ha! Take that scales.

I am definitely not down because of my weight this week. I am feeling so accomplished! I can't wait to see what next week will bring with the end of the first month of Insanity!!

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  1. You are doing amazing, the feeling of accomplishment is the best. :)

  2. I'm glad you're not bummed about that 1 lb weight gain, it's most likely all muscle since you've been doing so well.