Insanity Week Fooouuuur!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I spent a portion of this past week at Myrtle Beach. I had an extremely grand time. J came up and spent Saturday and Sunday with me. That was a lovely addition to being at the beach. The not so lovely part being that I burnt my belly button. Don't ask, I'm bad about rubbing in sunscreen into ALL parts of my body.

J and I had an exceptional time putt putting. I'll post more about it later, but here's a sneak preview of our time at the Molten Mountain.

BUT as far as workouts go, I did pretty well I say as I rounded out the first month of Insanity. Because I was at the beach Sunday/Monday, I didn't have my scales so I omitted the weight this week and let me just say that I felt truly accomplished by only looking at my inches lost {which was -1.5 inches this week}. It made me feel like I was doing awesome without having to justify according to the scales.

I really hope I can see this awesome of results by the end of the 2nd month. I would love to see 10 inches lost. I would really be one happy camper!

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  1. Oh how I love Myrtle Beach!! Miss it.

  2. I rarely everrrr look at a scale - I'm all about inches! Great job - and LOL to burning your bellybutton!