Ball on a Budget?!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can you believe Katie and I are almost done with No Spend September?! It's crazy how fast this month has gone by!

This week I officially accepted J's offer to go to the Air Force Ball again this year. I had to work out some kinks in order to plan the trip, but it's official. 

So I know last year I spent $50 on a dress for ball that was simple yet beautiful from a bridal shop which was unfortunately closing. But this year because I'm in the midst of No Spending I decided to reuse a dress. Nothing wrong with that right?! 

I've kept all of my dresses from high school proms and homecomings so I pulled them out and tried them on. In previous years I might not have been able to wear them, but luckily this year I could fit into all of them. I ultimately chose a dress that I wore to homecoming my freshman year that my mom made for me. 

I did want to get a few make-up and facial products though. I've noticed when doing my makeup I feel like sometimes it "sits" on my face. I had been watching beauty videos by Casey Holmes and saw how she loved her Beauty Blender. But I was not willing to spend $20 on one little sponge even if it worked like magic and especially not knowing if I would like it.

I did my due diligence and found a few dupes that cost $5. I watched videos, got reviews and chose one from CVS that sounded pretty good.

It works wonderfully. The original Beauty Blender might work slightly better, but for just trying it out and seeing if I like it, this is all I need. When I first tried it, I used the blender on half of my face and my regular way on the other half and I could visibly see how the regular method left my makeup visible on my skin and it just didn't look good. This was well worth the $5 that I put into it and can't wait to use it for my ball makeup!

You may not be able to really tell, but I think it looked so good in person. I also got a few breakouts and burnt while laying out on the beach so I'm going to pick up a few other facial products before the ball. But I'm keeping my total amount spent under $20 which I consider pretty good considering the price of make-up in general. Just buying a facial wash is nearly $6 for the kind I like. Geez!

I can't wait for show and tell about ball!

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  1. UNDER $20!? You are amazing! Good for you for resisting the urge to buy everything new and name brand. I can't wait to see your post about the ball.

  2. Good for you! I am also going to be reusing a dress this year. I can't justify buying a new dress every year that will only be worn a few hours.


  3. I can't believe your mom made that dress! That's unbelievable. She is very talented :-) Have a great time at the ball!

  4. That dress is beautiful!!! :) Can't wait to hear all about the Ball. :)