Friday the Thirteenth, My Lucky Day

Friday, September 13, 2013

Whenever Friday the 13th rolls around I can't help of thinking of my grandfather, Pop. My grandfather is one of those old fashion types born and raised in West Virginia. He lived in the mountains until he met and married my grandmother and moved to Virginia.

Pop kind of reminds me of that fisherman on the State Farm commercial that is dangling the dollar in front of the girl... yep, that's how I think of him... When I was little I used to think of Pop and my grandmother, Nanny as Lucy and Ricky and my great aunt and great uncle as Ethel and Fred. I guess I was a big fan of I Love Lucy back then. Who knows.

Pop has certain things he was raised doing. For example he will never tell you goodbye. He will say anything but that. He reserves "goodbye" for right before he goes to Heaven. I'm never quite sure what to say to him when I'm getting off the phone. Usually "have a good night!" then I just hang up. I like to respect his final saying wishes. 

Another thing he used to always tell me was that Friday the 13th wasn't unlucky. Yet, it was one of the most luckiest days you could have. So now whenever I realize that the 13th falls on a Friday I get really happy. I think this is one of those traditions I will try to pass down to my children as a legacy to Pop, my wonderful grandfather.

How do you feel about Friday the Thirteenth? 

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  1. He sounds like a great guy! I never put a lot of stock in Friday the 13th as a bad day. Just another day to me.

  2. Aw, your grandfather sounds like such a great and interesting man. I tend to like Friday the 13th too. And it's a good thing because I've had a lot of plane flights on random Friday the 13ths!

  3. I don't find it unlucky either! :) I love it. He sounds like an amazing man.