How Do You Text?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Are you the type of person to get a text or an e-mail and read it right away? Do you respond immediately after you read it? Maybe you are busy and read it later then respond? Possibly you read it and don't respond immediately? But if that's the case, when do you respond?

I personally fall into the first category. If I'm not in the middle of something I can't stop {driving}, I will read and respond immediately. It bugs me to no end to have my notification bar full! But I have found I can't read it and respond later because I will ultimately forget to respond to the text message or the e-mail.

If you fall into the latter categories, what is an appropriate time-frame to respond? Obviously when you become free, would be a good answer. But is there a universal unspoken "rule" that dictates a time-frame I'm  unaware of?

I suppose because I'm an immediate responder this rule doesn't apply to me as much. But I think there should be one. After college I don't talk to my friends on a daily basis much anymore, and for the most part I'm okay with that. We all have our own lives and I enjoy catching up when we can. Two of my good friends from high school and college have both started new jobs this year. I texted both of them to see how their first day went. I was very excited for them and wanted to hear about it. One I heard from a week later, the other I still haven't heard from. And I do realize they are busy, I really understand that. There are about a thousand possibilities for not hearing from her. It could be as simple as she read my message and forgot to text me back.

I am probably being very hard on my friends and should just forgive and forget, but when we talk very few times, I like to actually be acknowledged!

Rant over. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ah, I feel you on this. If I'm asked about plans, I often wait to text/respond because I need to look up my schedule. But, in general, I try to respond quickly.

    I have some friends from college that never respond when I text or email. But they do respond when I call, so that motivates me to make a bigger effort. I don't take it personally that they fail at texting.

    I also know sometimes my phone messes up and it will clear a message I haven't read yet. I then find out like two days later that I never responded to a text and feel like a jerk. But it happens! I think phone calls are best so you can get an instantaneous response :-)

  2. I totally get this. Normally if the person only does it every once and a while I ignore it and try again, but if it becomes a habit I stop reaching out - which is probably the wrong answer - but I feel like if they found me important enough they would find time to respond or at least time to apologize for being so absent. BUT keep in mind that's after extended repeated behavior not after a first time offense.

  3. I usually respond right away, it's in my nature and I can't let thinks go unanswered.