Insanity Week 5 --- Half Way!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Well it feels like I was just doing this... I guess because last weeks post was postponed until later in the week due to vacation. But this week was my Recovery Week. I kinda needed it, but I kinda didn't. I was glad for it in any case.

I am really feeling good about my body for the first time since freshman year of college. Which is pretty awesome to think about. I actually strutted my stuff in my bathing suit at the beach.

I guess because of slightly worse diet, and being at the beach with less than perfect workouts this weeks results haven't been the best, but I am starting towards a downward weight {gain}. The most gain I've had since I started was +1.0 pounds. Hopefully that number will soon get into the negatives!

So today is the beginning of the hard month. I told J this morning I'm a little nervous for it but I hope it bring GOOD RESULTS! {said in the weird voice from the video}

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  1. you are doing amazing, so proud of you! You look great!

  2. You're looking great! Good luck with the hard month!