Numbers that Fill My Life

Friday, September 27, 2013

As y'all may or may not know, I am a person of science. At least I consider myself a person of science. I am one of those people who calculates. For me everything is about the numbers. My head is always filled with little science experiments about my life. So when Nadine at Back East Blonde posted about how a person could be seen as numbers, I was wondering why I hadn't thought of it before?!

I have been living on this earth for 8476 days.
Approximately 6093 of those days I've been in school.
I have grown to 62 inches tall during my lifetime.
And I  have 2 extra bones in my body.
That is 1 extra bone in each foot.
I have also broken 1 bone.

In my lifetime...

I have taken about 7,394 pictures.
I have kept about 2,496 of those pictures
My favorite picture of myself is my senior picture in my prom dress

I have participated in 4 "physical" activities.
I plan to at least add 2 more sports to that list.
I think I will be good and 0.5 of the new sports I add.

I lived in 1 state, had an extended stay in 1 state and visited 14 states.
I've also been to 1 country other than the USA.
I want to step foot into a total of 48 states and 2 countries (not the US).

I have found the 1 that I will spend my life with.
We have been together for 532 days.
And engaged for 184 of those days.
It will be approximately 638 days until I become his wife.
I tell him I love him approximately 7 times per day.
And I get called "love" about 20 times more often than I tell him I love him.

2 Shetland Sheepdogs make me laugh and get my kisses every day.
I've owned more than I can count but my latest number is 6.
Awkward Fish (A. Fish for short), Vector, Jack the Ripper, Pancake, Klown, and Cell
Jack the Ripper killed and ate 4 of the previously named fish.
1 fish actually died of natural causes.
My desire to own an animal other than a dog or fish: 0
The desire to call animal control on the 14 cats living across the street that climb on my car: 12 times per day.

1 of my Shelties: Bo

The number of friends I actually talk to regularly is 3
My 2 dogs are also friends of mine. I talk to them regularly

Converse sitting in my closet: 8
Number of high heel shoes: 15
Jeans is 6, colorful jeans 3 and pairs that I wear regularly 2.

Currently I have 2 water bottles sitting next to me...

And a calculator in case the numbers get a little hairy
3 pair of sunglasses are sitting on my nightstand
Decorative wine glasses hold 12 corks from 12 bottles of wine (in case you didn't realize every bottle has 1 cork)
Those 12 bottles of wine have been drank over the past year
But I only average 3 glasses of wine a month
I would rather drink about 7, but I don't like to drink alone

6 is the number of workout I do per week
Week 9 of Insanity I will start soon
With an average of 650 calories per workout
This is usually 1 happy lady
1.6 miles per day is what I usually walk my dogs

Studying chapter 3 of Pharmacy Technician book
November 15 is my goal date to be ready for the exam
90% is what I would like to pass with

11 o'clock is my bedtime
And I have 3 minutes until 11.

Thank every 1 for reading!

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  1. I love that picture of your in that dress, just gorgeous!