Friday, September 6, 2013

I recently finished up the two "novels" in what I'm calling the Stargazey series. I really liked these books. They would have been excellent beach reads had I of been able to rent them while at the beach.

Stargazey Nights by Shelley Noble

This book is the reason there are quotes around novels in the first sentence. It is technically a novella (about 100 pages), but it is very good. It introduces you to the main character, Cab Reynolds and the run down town of Stargazey Point.

I really liked this novella. I rented the e-book version of it and at the end it happened to have the first two chapters of Stargazey Point. I had to read them! In this book, Cab lives in Atlanta as an architect with his "trophy" fiance. He gets word that his uncle has died and he feels the need to go to Stargazey Point to his uncle's funeral. And that is where the whole story begins.

Stargazey Point by Shelley Noble

The story continues with Cab Reynolds and his friends, the Crispin siblings, and a newcomer, Abbie Sinclair. As Abbie tries to escape her past in documentaries, she is warmly welcomed by the somewhat strange inhabitants of Stargazey Point.

This is a novel you can't help but love. You feel bad for Abbie and want to help her and the Crispins. It really is just an all around good read. It really would be perfect for the beach!

I'm going to try to get my hands on Shelley's other books and read them. If they are as good as these I think I will be hooked!

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