The No Spend September Budget

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's be real here for a second. I stared at this blank blog post page for a while thinking budget.... hmm, making a budget. This is definitely not my area of expertise. But I am using this as a learning experience. And as I go through this month of planning things out for when J and I move in together, I hope y'all will give me tips and suggestions on how to save money.

As far as this month goes, my goal is not to spend over $40. I know that sounds ridiculously unreasonable, but living with my parents means they buy the groceries. However for two weeks during this month I will be house-sitting for my aunt so I am throwing the $40 in there in case I need to buy some groceries or things of that nature.

As far as the first four (count them, 4) days of September goes... I feel like I'm doing okay. I can't say it was easy to forgo getting some Angry Orchard when I was in Food Lion Monday night, nor was it easy to pass up the 12 pack of them yesterday in Sam's Club. But I did it. So that right there is somewhere between $10 and $15 still in my pocket. Score for Ashley!

As for the rest of the month, come back as I try to put together some "practice" weekly meals and ways to save on the grocery bills. As I said before I will be most willing to take any tips and suggestions y'all might have.

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