Wine Tasting + Holiday Wines = Happy Ashley

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Y'all know me and my love of wine. While my family and I were down at the beach for the annual (somewhat painful... but that's another story) Homeowners Association meeting this past weekend we took a de-stressing trip to Carolina Vineyards, a local winery, to check out their holiday wines and a few new ones.

We got there kinda late which it was like 8 pm, but when we were about the only people walking around the outdoor mall, it seems kinda weird. We were the only ones in the store while we were doing our sampling and so the guy was joking around with us and telling us stories from his past. He could have easily been a comedian.
Anyway the vineyard has a pretty good selection of wines. One thing I love is that they have their wines with different sweetness. I tend to stick more towards the sweet wines, but I think it's kind of cool that if you really wanted Elderberry wine (my favorite) but you didn't like sweet wines, you could get it dry.

So when you go in they have this whole wall with all their wines and you grab a wine list for your tasting. It's 7 tastings for $3. Our 7 tastings turned into more like 10 because our server (if that's what you call him) really loved the Pecan Pie wine so we had about 4 tastings of that and he was drinking it with us.

We went in to taste all of the holiday wines. Unfortunately they were out of the Gingerbread House, but we did get to taste the other four holiday wines: Santa's Reward, Wanda's Fruitcake, Sugar Plum Fairy and Pecan Pie. I also tried three new regular wines as well. They were all blended fruits which seem to be really good.

As we went through I wrote down on a scale of 1 to 10 how I liked the wines. I really liked all the wines I tried since nothing got below an 8. They were just so fruity and delicious. I really need to work on my descriptions. Maybe there is some kind of tutorial on wine tasting where I can learn how to express what I'm tasting.

Anyway out of all the delectable wines, we eventually settled on purchasing two of the ones we tried. Tropical Escape and Sugar Plum Fairy. I really liked Santa's Reward. It was a warm spiced cranberry wine. Warm spiced wines in the winter are so good!


While we were taking out last taste of the Pecan Pie wine, our server told us how we was creating a Pinterest page for the vineyard and wanted us to be one of his "pins". Anyway, now my family and I are semi-famous because we are on the Carolina Vineyards Pinterest page!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! :)

  2. Wine tastings are always so much fun! We got extra wine to try at the last tasting I was at simply because. Love when that happens.