All Hallows' Eve

Thursday, October 31, 2013

In my dreams last night, I got a call from my Grandma Ruby. Sounds normal right?! There's only one thing wrong with that. She's been dead for about 10 years! It was a pretty weird dream.

I like Halloween, but I also believe in more than just going around and trick-or-treating. I've heard that today, Halloween, is the time when those who have passed before us are closest to us here on earth. Maybe that's true? Maybe not. But after that dream I'm beginning to wonder.

Whether you believe in ghosts, want to remember those who have passed before us, or just are in it for the candy, I hope y'all have a happy Halloween!

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  1. Personally, I think that the spirits are around us more often than we think. I also think that we'd be more likely to feel them or know of their presence when we are around someone who is near death. When my grandpa died, I could feel other people in the room when I was sitting with him when there wasn't anyone that I could see...

  2. I absolutely believe this! I believe that my Mom was more present today than ever. I know she is here.