Getting old can be a ---

Monday, October 21, 2013

I feel so bad for Christy, my sweet baby girl. She is my doggy; she's about 6 almost 7 now. She has always been so active. She loves to run and play. Especially chasing animals.

We live where there are squirrels, deer and who knows what other kind of "wild" animals. She loves to jump up at the trees to try to get the squirrels and when she sees a deer or bunny rabbit she will jump and leap just like they do. And don't even get me started on cats. I mentioned them in an earlier post; we have about 14 cats across the street that like to roam into our yard. Well she goes bazerk when the cats come even slightly close to our yard.

I think that Christy has sprang (sprung?) her front paws a few times from going after a few ton of animals. So now she doesn't like to get up and move around. If she's sitting down she tries to stay there as long as she possibly can. I don't think all the rainy and dreary weather has helped her feel any better. We are thinking she's just getting arthritis from getting up in age, she's almost 49 in people years!

We are considering taking her to her annual vet appointment early to have her paws check out to make sure it's nothing seriously wrong. I really want her to be okay, I don't want anything to happen to her. When I move down to South Carolina, she's coming with me so she has to be okay.

And just as a demonstration as to how acrobatic Christy is, here she is while riding in the car with Bo...

Take a good look... that's her back foot as she's sitting on Bo. It's okay to laugh... I did.

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  1. Aw I hope Christy is okay! My dog hurt her foot and it was slow to heal but she's better now. We got her steps to walk up to the couch instead of having to jump. I think taking her to the vet early is a good idea. Maybe they can figure it out soon!

  2. Aww I hope she is ok. Poor thing, I'm waiting for the day that our sweet Emma doesn't enjoy running and playing anymore. She is already almost 10.

  3. I've noticed a similar change in my dog. She is 7.5 and gets sore after long stints of activity. We've recently started her on a natural supplement called Duralactin and she is like a brand new dog! Back to playing ball for hours and running like a puppy. I hope your girl starts to feel better soon!

  4. Aw :( what a pretty puppy. I'm sorry she's going through this!