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Monday, October 14, 2013

548 days. 18 months. A year and a half. That is how long John and I have been together today.

John has been getting his girly side on and watching One Tree Hill (shh don't tell anybody....) so he will ask me random questions like "when did you first know you loved me" or "do you remember when..."

I love reminiscing back to sweet memories with him. Laying in a field looking at the stars, singing Chris Young to me, getting lost on the way to South Carolina... I figured y'all might like to learn more about the "us" rather than just me with some random pictures thrown in there.


John and I have actually known each other since early January 2012. We talked fairly regularly and I started falling for him, crushing, you get the point. He had planned to come up and visit on two different occasions and both times he couldn't make it for fairly valid reasons. However, about a year before this I had gotten my heart broken by the man I thought I was going to spend my life with. So after being "stood up" twice, I gave up. I stopped talking to John but he was very persistent. He kept talking to me and eventually I gave in and let him come up to visit.

First Weekend Together

When John fell in love with me:

After a very long 6 hour drive, John finally made it to the very small town of Farmville where my college and Walmart are the biggest places in town. Becuase I wasn't very trusting and having been drinking at a party before John getting there (at around 6:30pm --we started partying early that weekend), my friends and I met John at the local Walmart.

According to John, when he first laid eyes on my in that parking lot he fell in love. He can tell me exactly what I was wearing, how my hair was, what jewelry I had on, everything. We went to Ruby Tuesday's and he can even tell me what we ate.

Bowling Date Night

When I fell in love with John part 1:

One lovely Saturday when John was up in Farmville, we went to get some frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog. We had been listening to Scotty McCreery as we were on the 2 mile drive from my apartment to Sweet Frog. I Love You This Big just happened to be the song that was playing as pulled up into the parking lot. Because we both loved the song, we sat in the car to let the song finish before getting out. When the song was over I looked at John expecting him to get ready to get out of the car and he is just holding my hand looking at me and says "I love you" then gets this look of complete terror. {Let me clarify, I had just finished telling him earlier in the day that  I knew we were both starting to get very strong feelings for each other but I wasn't going to say the L word until I was really very sure I felt it. That I didn't want to move too fast, that's how I had gotten my heart broken before.} He starts saying he's so sorry, he knew I didn't want to hear that and he had been feeling it for so long he had wanted to say it. I just smiled at him and told him it was okay as I thought to myself, I really love him too.

Early Morning Sunrise Picture

When I fell in love with John part 2:

John had told me he was sending me a package one Monday morning and that it should get there by Friday. I anxiously awaited his package asking him all kinds of hints. He said I could hug it, I could sleep with it just all kinds of random things and I thought he was sending me a teddy bear.

Anyway Friday rolls around and that afternoon he tells me that my package should be there, he got an e-mail saying it had been delivered. I went to the clubhouse all excited to get my package but there was no package there. Kind of disappointed, I went to the Relay for Life that happened to be going on that weekend. John continued to text me telling me to go check to see if my package had come. I kind of put it off for about an hour. Eventually after having him nag me so much I went to check once again at the clubhouse if I had a package. I brought a friend with me just so I wouldn't feel like such an idiot if was about to ask the same girl if I had a package. So we went in and luckily it was a different girl but she said I hadn't gotten a package. I was a little disappointed again. As we were walking out of the building I started looking towards my car and there was this guy standing by it. At first I was a little unnerved because it was about 9 at night and then I realized this guy was wearing camo and he was John. I ran and jumped into his arms. It was seriously the best feeling ever. I knew right then and there that I loved him for sure.

My First Week in Alabama

John's First Proposal:

We had been looking for rings for a very long time. I knew John was going to get it soon, but I didn't really know when. In July 2012, we were at the beach and it was storming so bad it was causing the ground to shake. John was a sweetheart and ran to get the car and pull it up under the carport so I didn't have to get wet. We were going out to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat. As we were on our way he starts reaching for something in the back seat and tells me to close my eyes and put my hand out, that he had a surprise for me. So I did as told and when I opened my eyes there was my engagement ring in the box in my hand. I was so shocked and stunned I was speachless. He looked at me and said "Ashley, will you marry me?" I just looked at him. I finally said yes and put the ring on.

We sat in the car for the longest time waiting for the rain to die down a little for us to run in the building. I remember just sitting there hold his hand and staring at this beautiful ring on my finger. All throughout dinner I would hold my hand different ways watching the diamonds sparkle in the light. When I saw that box in my hand and heard him say those words my heart filled with so much joy and happiness I knew I had made the right decision and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Air Force Ball 2013

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