I'm Not Hatin' on Pinterest, I Just Wish I was That Fashionable

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I feel like Pinterest has ruined society. There are so many cute DIY decorations, recipes for delicious looking food and fashion styles that make me feel like I have to create some kind of DIY every day, make a 5 star meal every night and look like a super model while doing it all!

Now, with that being said, those of us who don't do the above mentioned things every single day like to get some inspiration. Spending most of my junior and senior year in the lab in college ruined my sense of style. Freshman and sophomore years I used to dress up basically any time I left my room. After that I spent so much time in the labs that I had to wear jeans and closed toed shoes. Plus when you stand for about 3 hours, you want your shoes to be comfortable. So my everyday look was basically jeans, a t-shirt or sweater and tennis shoes.

After getting out of college I don't have much to dress up for, but I always leave the house looking nice even if I haven't picked out a Pinterest worthy outfit. But I get ashamed. I have a hard time looking in my closet and just putting together a cute stylish outfit. I have been going to Pinterest for ideas especially for fall fashions. Here are some of my favorites that I have tried or would like to try to mimic.


I have a pair of grey faux leather boots that I rediscovered in my closet. I decided to hop onto Pinterest to get a little grey inspiration and this is what I found. I actually did a pretty good job of copying this with a grey shirt, jeans and my boots. But I wore a black scarf instead.


I haven't tried this style yet, but I'm sure I could pull off the top with the scarf. I just don't own flats...


It's just so simple and cute. Why couldn't I think to dress like this without having to see it on the internet first?!

Am I the only person who has this trouble thinking up cute fall fashions without exploring Pinterest first?! And remember now, I'm not hatin' on Pinterest! I actually love to spend quite a few hours there, I just wish I could come these cute outfits on my own!

 photo Ashley_zps5473f6ca.jpg


  1. I'm not fashionable at all. It's a big deal if I can put together and outfit that isn't a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie. I just don't think that way.

  2. I love these outfits but I'm definitely not fashionable I go for comfort haha.

  3. I can get lost on pinterest for hours, lol. I love looking for fashion inspiration there! It's all about what styles work for you.

  4. Hahah I know what you mean about pinterest...it makes me feel bad about myself sometimes! I do love the inspiration I draw from it though.