Let's Just Pretend It's Still September: How "No-Spend" Went

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Please pardon the fact that it is the 9th day of October and I'm just now getting around to the No-Spend September wrap up!

First of all I wanted to say that I am so thankful to Katie for coming up with the idea and having me jump on board with her. It has really taught me a lot about spending and just getting into adulthood that I didn't have to deal with while I was in school.

As a whole, I did pretty well this month. I learned quite a bit during this No Spend month that I want to share with you!

1. It's more about knowing how to spend than actually not spending.

Example: Not going to the nearest drive thru when you are on your way home. Instead packing a snack or waiting until you get home and make something to eat. I did well with this. I didn't visit the newest Bojangles in my town. I went home and made an ham and cheese omelet with turkey bacon.

2. Compare prices!

The Air Force Ball did cause me to buy some products I would normally have said "NO!" to but I shopped wisely. Instead of going to the closest place I could buy the products, I shopped around. I priced the items I wanted at Walmart and then went to the BX and found they were cheaper there.

3. Use coupons

I knew that I was going to be wanting some makeup products so I stocked up on any coupon that I found that related to makeup.

I ended up getting these products for $13.13 which was awesome. The CoverGirl foundation which is normally around $10 at Walmart, maybe even a little more, ended up being $5.39 from the BX! It was priced at $8.99 but J and I were talking and laughing with the lady ringing us up and I'm not sure if she gave us an extra discount or if it was a sale but I was happy with the price. I also used a Revlon save $1 and Clean and Clear save $1 coupon to get a little extra savings!

I am definitely going to keep using these tips in my daily life. They have helped me to be a much more conscious buyer and spend my money wisely! Speaking of money... I got a call today and I have a job interview tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Check out Katie's post to see how she did this month and how she learned the Dollar Store is amazing!

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  1. Congrats on the interview!!! :) Good luck!

  2. I am so guilty when it comes to stopping at a drive thru on my way home from work. I just did it today for lunch! It's a hard habit to break! Good luck at the interview!