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Friday, October 4, 2013

When you listen to a song, does the mood of the song change your mood? That certainly happens to me a lot of times, especially with happy songs. I just can't help it... if it has a upbeat tune I just get happy. And the opposite? If the song really isn't a happy one, I usually skip it. No not really, but if you have a happy memory to go along with a somewhat sad song, does it change the song for you? It did for me.

My college didn't have a football team so instead of having a homecoming in the fall, we celebrate Oktoberfest the first weekend of October. Friday evening the whole school separates into 2 sides (even graduating years---red--- and odd graduating years---green---) and we run and throw paint on each other. It's a whole lot of fun.

My sophomore year I was feeling a little down in the dumps the night of the celebration. Guy troubles. But that year Matt Nathanson was the main artist to preform. At this point I only knew his one hit song Come On Get Higher. I went to the concert with friends eager to try to shake the sad feelings.

Going into the concert I only knew one song, but I absolutely loved all of the songs that he sang. I loved them so much I bought his CD at the concert and went back to my room and listened to it until I fell asleep. To this day that CD is in my stereo system and I often listen to it while trying to come up with blog ideas or even while writing blog posts. Which is how I came up with this one about songs and moods...

Bulletproof Weeks and Wedding Dress are two of my favorite songs by Matt Nathanson. And even though they are about the worst breakup ever and loving somebody but not really wanting to be with them or divorce or something negative about a relationship, I still find them to brighten my mood. I honestly feel so happy listening to them. These songs give me hope, and I think it's because of the how I encountered them the first time. I wasn't very happy but I had hope that I soon would be... so that night when I listened to the album over and over again I had a happy feeling that good things were coming.

To this day these songs give me hope even though to everybody else they are sad songs. It's always good to have hope in the face of sadness right?!

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  1. I love this! :) It's amazing how songs have the ability to make you feel something. :)