Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Recently I've fallen off the working out bandwagon. I'm ashamed. I realize I can make excuses all day and none of them help me to get back to where I was or where I want to be. I think for me working out is all about motivation, commitment, and "mind-power".

Let's take a step back into the year 2011. While this might have been a bad year as far as health goes, it was an absolutely great year as far as motivation goes. I was gaining tons of weight and decided I was going to lose it.
Jogging Trail
High Bridge on the High Bridge Trail
My college town had this beautiful trail where the old railroad line used to be. It's currently called the High Bridge Trail and runs through 31 miles of central Virginia. There are a few places to park about a mile from campus, so every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I got out of classes early enough that I would go for a walk or jog. I started off with just a short jog and eventually worked my way up to walking a 10k every day I visited the High Bridge Trail. Talk about motivation right?

Well life happened and I moved away from the High Bridge Trail so I stopped taking those walks and just getting outside for exercise, period. I got into home workouts and that's what I got used to. I felt comfortable staying within the confines of my own home working out. Now the thought of getting outside and jogging or going for a long walk is like "woah, I'm not sure I could do that anymore".

Although I might have the motivation to go out and run now, I feel like I would need a little extra boost of motivation to continue on with that 10k. Let's face it, when I walked it used to take me about an hour to complete the full 6.21 miles. That's a very long time to stay motivated and committed to that long of a distance. Even though I'm in such better share physically now than I was then, I haven't kept up the "mind-power" that tells me I can do it.

A day or so ago I was talking with Katie about #40milesinNovember that I had seen she was doing on Instagram. Since I wasn't working out at home, I decided if it was okay with her I was going to do it myself. Although if I was going to get through these 40 miles this month, I needed to have the mind power to push myself and stay motivated and committed to seeing it through.

I started thinking back to what would get me through those long walks back at the High Bridge Trail. While I was out there walking I found that music didn't really keep my mind occupied. I would get bored so easily. Talk shows tend to keep my mind engaged so I found this podcast called Fat 2 Fit Radio. Russ Turley and Jeff Ainslie were the hosts and they gave weight loss tips, answered listeners questions, commented on news articles, ect. It was just a really fun, motivational talk show that helped me to get through the walk. I think they stopped making new shows back in May sometime.

Weight Loss Talk Radio

I decided to make it easier to stay committed to finishing these 40 miles, I would find a new podcast to listen to. I ran across 2 this past weekend that I liked. One is The Jillian Michaels Show that I will try and listen to for the longer walks and the other is Podrunner for when I want to have that motivational music to speed up my run.

Maybe with the help of these podcasts and my goal to get 40 miles in November I will stay motivated to working out and getting back on track with my fitness goals.

Do you have something that helps you stay motivated and committed to working out?

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  1. Yay! I'm excited! I think I'm going to write about this today too. I haven't really decided yet. We'll see though.

  2. Woo! You are going to do amazing. :) It's hard to stay motivated sometimes but there is always that inner drive that keeps me going.

  3. Love this! Awesome goal and you will do great!


  4. Good luck! This is a great goal :-) After my vacation, I need a workout kickstart too.