Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2013

**Happy Thanksgiving y'all! I wrote this post a little in advance because I'm off celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. But I wanted to tell you about my kind of surprise today and what I'm thankful for!**

Do you remember that time where I threw myself a good hissy fit because John said he wasn't coming up for Thanksgiving?! Oh, well I do all too well. I had pretty much gotten over being sad and upset because we made plans for him to come December 6th instead and stay the weekend.

John has this thing where he really likes to complain about the 6 hour drive up to my house as well as the 8 hour drive to his parents house. Personally, I don't mind driving. I kind of like it. But apparently he hates it. So he decided to stay on base for Thanksgiving. But he found out he could take a train to a station about 15 miles away from my house for nearly the same price as gas and get here Thanksgiving day. Except it means I have to be at the slightly sketchy train station in a slightly bad part of town at 3:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving to go get him but I actually get to be with him on Thanksgiving.

But all complains aside, I'm very happy to have him here for Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to have him period. I would be so lost if I didn't have him, my life would not be nearly as cheery and bright.

I'm also thankful for my family. I love them all very much.

And of course I am thankful for my sweet Christy Angel and Saint Bo.

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