Have I Told You About that Time in Thailand? : Thank A Veteran

Monday, November 11, 2013

One thing I love about my dad is listening to all of his Air Force stories. He really has some crazy stories like the "we went bowling out in Thailand and were drunk as skunks" stories or the "can I give your guard dog a cookie" stories. Most of his stories involve beer because "beer was 5 cents and coke was 15 cents" --I always laugh at that. I wish I knew them well enough to tell y'all. He usually has people nearly rolling on the floor laughing from all of his stories. My mom and I have heard them enough that we just shake our heads and smile.

My grandfather as well as my great uncle served as well. Although my grandfather didn't see much time in the Army due to a medical discharge, my great uncle had some great stories about his time overseas. He had some pretty wild stories from Germany which included a very strong woman and thankfully happened before he married my great aunt!

I am very thankful for their service and all of those who continue to serve our wonderful country. May God bless them all. Happy Veterans Day.

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  1. Thank you to them for their service!! :)

  2. Happy Veteran's day to your family! Thank you and them both for their service!

  3. Aw, this is a lovely post. Both my grandfathers served. My paternal grandfather was a paratrooper and earned a Purple Heart. We still have it and it's so special to our family. Thank you for sharing :-)