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Friday, November 1, 2013

I didn't really have any coherent blog planned for today, but I had just bits and pieces of things that I wanted to share that had been on my mind.

1. The Promotion. John was promoted to Senior Airman yesterday. I am so excited for him. I was a little bummed that I couldn't be there with him but I know that I will be there for his promotion to Staff Sergeant which will hopefully be next year!

2. The Pictures. John said he got our professional Air Force Ball pictures yesterday. I can't wait to see them and how they turned out. I'm just a little bit nervous because last year we got to preview our pictures on a website and pick which ones we liked best. This year there wasn't an option for that. Eek! I'm sure they came out great though.

3. The Scarf. I am making my mom a scarf for her birthday which is Sunday. I have less than half of this scarf done. Even though this scarf is super simple to make, it is annoying as heck because I can't find the stitches that I'm supposed to go through! At least it's pretty.

4. The Fleas. We have been having so much trouble with fleas lately. It seems like everybody in our area has troubles with them even while using flea medication. Before this current time we have never had problems with fleas in the 6 years I've had Christy and then Bo. Even with dogs before her, we have never gotten fleas. But those suckers seem to be everywhere. You see them on your arm and poof! They are gone. We are bombing the house tomorrow and please, Lord let those little suckers die!

5. The Christmas Classic. Tomorrow while the house is being bombed to get rid of the fleas, Mom and I are going to go to the craft show to walk around and just get an idea of any crafts we might want to do. It's just a nice way to get out of the house and get into a little bit of early Christmas spirit.

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  1. I Love the Scarf! Its too Cute. Congrats to John on the Promotion. The flea thing stinks... I hope the bomb helps!

  2. Congrats to John on his promotion! I'm sure the professional photos are beautiful. :)