Wohoo! Friday.

Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Friday again! Today I'm actually off to the library to do a little studying. Then possibly get some frozen yogurt?! It's just a good day.

1. Mom's Birthday. Sunday was mom's birthday. Since she is allergic to gluten and can't eat cake, we went to Sweet Frog and got frozen yogurt. What better way to celebrate your birthday?!

2. Running. I've actually gotten out and ran 2 times (3 if you count the run I will do this afternoon) this week in addition to my daily walking of the dogs. I am so proud of myself. My Nike account shows my wonderful progress too!

3. Armed Forces Vacation Club. John was getting gas at the Shopette on Tuesday when a retiree came up to him and asked if he minded giving him a ride to the air terminal. The retiree was going on vacation through AFVC. John looked it up and there are actually some great deals with this. We might look into using this for a honeymoon!

4. Haven. I started watching Haven just as a show to have some noise in the background, but I actually got really into it. I got so caught up that when the end of season 3 came, I had to go on Hulu and start watching season 4 immediately!

5. Christmas Money. I was a little worried about Christmas money this year, but I found out about this site, CircumNews, where you can earn money by "reading" news articles. I am always a little skeptic about these earn money sites, but so far I think it's pretty good. I've earned $28 so far. The money will go to my paypal account so I can easily use it for Christmas gifts. You can go check CircumNews out here! It's really easy to sign up and get started.

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