Boy We're Lookin' Pretty Good!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I have this tradition on Thanksgiving of helping my grandparents decorate their house for Christmas after stuffing my face with my grandmother's amazing cooking. This year was a little different though. There was a HOUSE FULL of family there this year. It would have been a little difficult to decorate with 15+ adults and 5 little kids running around. So instead I went back up to their house Tuesday to help them decorate.

This year was a special year because they got a new Christmas tree. My parents got up at 5 am and went to Home Depot to get 2 Martha Stewart trees that were one sale. Mom says she had to fight for the trees, but in reality she just weaseled her way around all the shoppers with shopping carts and got to the stack of trees before anybody else could get to them. So luckily we got 2 new trees, one for us and one for Nanny and Pop (my grandparents).

So we got the tree out of the box and set it all up. It was a very large tree, well large compared to the height of the room. And of course after putting a tree together, you have to fluff it. That is my mom and Pop fluffing the tree.

I really enjoy setting up the tree for my grandparents. Nanny helped put the little ornament hangers on the new red, green and gold ornaments we got. The tree really turned out nice. It was so full and thick it was a little hard to hang ornaments on the "inside" of the tree like with the old one that had a lot of bare spots. Another cool part about this tree is that the lights go from clear to color or you can make them stay the same. Wow how fake Christmas trees have advanced.

Nanny was so excited about how the tree turned out. It looked so pretty after we got it all set up. I helped put out her mantle decorations, hang the few Christmas wall decorations and set up her nativity scene. It was really starting to turn into Christmas around there.

Since we still had the old tree on the screened in back porch, we decided to set it up with the left over decorations. It didn't have the prettiest decorations but both Nanny and Pop felt so blessed to have 2 trees for the first time ever. This is also the first year they've had a brand new Christmas tree since some kind of weird 70's tree. It felt so good to be able to make them happy like that.

Since I got a picture with Nanny with the new Christmas tree, I figured I should get one with Pop and the other Christmas tree. I never realized how much Pop loved to joke around. We posed for the picture then I got the camera back and he said "Boy we're lookin' pretty good!" then just chuckled. I couldn't help but laugh.

Next up on my Christmas to-do list is decorate my own Christmas tree and make Nanny a Christmas card holder like this...


Have you already decorated? Do you do any special Christmas DIY projects, if so leave me links! I would love to see!

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  1. I love your tradition of decorating with your family after Thanksgiving. When we have kids, I'm going to do that with them.

  2. I love that Christmas card holder, it's amazing!

  3. Aw! What a sweet day for you and your family. Your grandparents are adorable :)

  4. I love the Merry Mail card holder. Such a cute idea! I need to get one..and I know right where I would put it!